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Ashraf ailing residents, a pressure tool for MKO

In its recent propaganda blitz over the condition of the members in Camp Ashraf MKO has claimed that the controlling forces of Camp Ashraf have prevented the entrance of Iraqi physicians to Ashraf for the treatment of a number of patients therein including one afflicted with cancer and two in need of a surgery operation as well as a case of appendectomy; whereas, Manoochehr Hezarkhani in his recent article on the facilities of Camp Ashraf has claimed that Ashraf has an equipped hospital and can even cure Iraqi people. In addition to these baseless claims, there are other points in this statement that are to be elaborated on.

1. Undoubtedly, one of the tricks of the organization in recent years has been misusing humanitarian emotions of the world and evoking sympathy of outsiders toward Ashraf residents especially in the critical periods when the organization has been under pressure of law and international conventions. An instance is the hunger strike of MKO members in Auver-sur-Oise after the events of 17 June 2003 when the strikers pretended to be in a very bad condition in front of media reporters to win the sympathy of their audience. The claims of MKO can be evaluated as another instance of the old tactic of the organization.

In this regard, Mojahedin have made their utmost efforts to channel their propaganda war against Mowaffaq al-Rubaie and incite public emotions against him. It is also likely that Mojahedin accuse him of some accidental or organized deaths occurred inside Camp Ashraf to revenge on him. In a nutshell, the likely future events may give many subterfuges to Mojahedin for threatening Iraqi officials. Iraqi government is to take these issues into consideration not to be deceived and misused by Mojahedin.

2. MKO has a big hand at misusing all events for its own interests like the case of these patients declared by the organization. Disregarding its truth or falsehood, the authorities of Camp Ashraf have to answer the question what they have done so far for curing these patients and whether their family is aware of their illness or not? It seems that all their hurly-burly is just a matter of killing time and distracting the attention of Iraqi government from the main issue that is expulsion of Mojahedin from Iraq.

3. The next point is that Ashraf authorities have no problem in transferring their patients to Iraqi hospitals. However, they refrain to do so. If they are truthful in their claims, the conscience necessitates it to transfer their patients to Iraqi hospitals as soon as possible and put their responsibility on the shoulder of human rights organs and Red Cross. Not only the organization feels no blame if the condition of the ailing members get worse, but also they are regarded as precious tools of pressure on Iraqis and the public opinion to push forward.

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