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The illusion of calling Camp Ashraf a city

Release of the book “A report on Ashraf city” written by Mr. Manoochehr Hezarkhani at a time when closing Camp Ashraf is on the agenda of Iraqi government is an interesting point to be elaborated on due to two factors. First, the preparation of this report as a book by a member of NCRI and second, the paradoxes found in its short excerpts on the websites of Mojahedin. However, the readers are recommended to study the preface of this book carefully.

This short excerpt from the book suffices to prove many of our claims on the true nature of Camp Ashraf. Seemingly, Mr. Hezarkhani has made his best in this book to persuade his foreign audience as well as MKO and Camp Ashraf critics that there is nothing inside Camp Ashraf to be investigated. In this regard, the book is compiled in a way to win the hearts of the audience and arouse their sympathy for Ashraf residents on the one hand and on the other hand, pave due propaganda background for the coming humanistic disaster inside Camp Ashraf focused by Masoud Rajavi.

The first unanswered question is that why this report is made on the basis of the observations of a member of NCRI despite the fact that logic necessitates it that an independent person and one in middle-of-the-road write a much more reliable report. Whereas, a few months before, one of the oldest residents of Ashraf called for visiting Camp Ashraf along with some members and representatives of international bodies and high commissary. This request has been faced with the silence of Mojahedin. The one-sided judgment of Mr. Hezarkhani had no result but his own strong impression caused by visiting Camp Ashraf. For many years, reporters and researchers have requested to visit Camp Ashraf but their request has been neglected so far. Therefore, if Mojahedin are to give some information on Camp Ashraf, it’s better to make use of those who understand the exact definition of city and those who can talk with a number of the residents of Ashraf freely rather than using Mr. Hezarkhani as their own agent.

As it is said, the entrance of the representatives of Human Rights has been prohibited to Camp Ashraf once more. Common sense orders not to recognize the legitimacy of the report of Mr. Hezarkhani compared to that of a legitimate international organ. We do agree with Mr. Hezarkhani that the residents of Camp Ashraf are a number of idealist and honest men and women, but those like Mr. Hezarkhani that are agents of MKO are better to let them govern their own destiny.

The best solution is to let them free even for half a day to visit and talk freely with the inspectors of Human Rights that already are in Iraq under no control. Mojahedin highrankings and Mr. Hezarkhani are of no authority; however, if Masoud Rajavi consents to do this, we are ready to bear all its consequence.

It seems that the thrill and ecstasy of Mr. Hezarkhani by seeing a football field or a swimming pool of saltwater is due to the fact that he has not enough time to go on a cruise in Paris despite living therein. How is it possible that a person living in Paris, flames and heats by seeing the facilities of a military city, as he calls it? Evidently, his own place of residence is nothing more than Camp Ashraf. The true visage of Camp Ashraf is depicted by MKO members not only the detached ones but also those already living therein and making some statements on it for pleasing MKO leaders.

Taking a look at the archive called Ashraf city reveals tens of notes by its residents that unintentionally have depicted the true visage of this camp. Likewise, Mr. Hezarkhani has repeated the same points in his report. Since the issue of Camp Ashraf is on the agenda of Mojahedin and international bodies, the content of the report of Mr. Hezarkhani is to be analyzed and its contradictions and paradoxes expounded on in a number of articles to find out the true definition and indices of a city and the reason why for example, Mr. Hezarkhani calls Camp Ashraf a city just by observing an instance of deal therein.

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