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Logic of cultic Mojahedin in global scene

Despite the fact that Mojahedin have been accused of many criminal acts and terrorist activities in Iraq in the reign of Saddam including their alliance with him in suppressing Iraqi dissidents, misusing international humanitarian aid, Oil-for-Food program for example, as well as their current interference in the internal affairs of Iraqi government like intensifying religious and tribal conflicts, supporting terrorist groups, cooperating with problematic trends, the group’s hostile position toward Iraq has remained unchanged and they are still insisting on their illegal settlement therein.

It reveals that wherever settled, Mojahedin disregarding their wrongdoings and criminal acts, take a superior position toward the governments, individuals, and international bodies. This kind of relation has its roots in the totalitarian and absolutist viewpoints of Mojahedin and their methodology based on an authoritarian ideology that considers the outsiders as inferior. The organization regards itself the criteria of absolute truth in the world; a viewpoint that is evident in the position takings of Mojahedin in recent years. How a cultic-terrorist organization has managed to impose itself on the relations of governments and global society is an issue to be investigated in depth. In this regard, the mechanisms and levers of this strategy based on terrorist practices and threats have been repeatedly elaborated on.

The recent transitions in Iraq confirm that Mojahedin grab at all means and pay all costs to uphold their illegal settlement in Iraq to the point that they have even endangered the integrity and independence of Iraq asking for the extension of the presence of the US forces in Iraq. In other words, the independence and freedom of Iraqi citizens and government come to lie in the hands of a cultic and terrorist group.

As it was pointed out, Mojahedin assume the main role in all the challenges and issues of the region and even world to the point that this viewpoint has turned to a strategy of dealing with any government. It is much easy to prove that Mojahedin misuse international conventions as a subterfuge and seize the precious "protected persons status" for postponing their expulsion from Iraq. They will pursue their objectives through this trick as long as there is the least possibility of misusing international levers and also as experience shows, in case of failing they would change their strategy in a blink of an eye and discard no threat and cultic-terrorist practice for furthering their objectives.
An obvious example is their current status in which despite their illegal presence in Iraq, they have resorted to the trick of the "protected persons status" to evade the challenges. Bijan Niyabati, of the main ideologues of MKO, openly declares that in the present conditions, the "protected persons status" has replaced Mojahedin armed struggle and is a solution for ending the current crisis until the time when Mojahedin take back their arms:

The worthy alternative of status or the protected persons status, both in the previous and present critical conditions have guarantee, even far beyond any other practical means, the survival of the mentioned army forces.

France has borne the consequences of the unexpected terrorist activities of Mojahedin in various occasions like the negative reaction of the organization after the banishment of a number of MKO members to Gabon, Masoud Rajavi’s expulsion from France, and Maryam Rajavi’s arrest in the form of cultic self-immolations that ended in the submission of judiciary system of France. Despite the fact that at the time being a minor part of MKO members reside in Auvers-sur-Oise, France has paid considerable costs for its negligence and multi-purpose policy toward the organization let alone the time when the remnant members of MKO enter France. There is no doubt that Mojahedin would be expelled from Iraq in near future and pursue their current policy wherever they settle.

France has to act logically in case of the transfer of Ashraf residents to its soil and foil the efforts of Mojahedin in preventing their host to make any decision for their location even if it makes them ally with the opposition groups and parties of the refugee givers or commit terrorist activities therein as they did in Iraq. As long as Mojahedin make use of the lever of cultic practices like self-immolation, referred to by Rajavi as a human disaster, governments are forced to surrender and grant a portion of the absolute rights of their citizens to Mojahedin as a cost for their humanitarian and altruistic viewpoints. The opportunistically ever-changing strategy and ideological doctrine of Mojahedin helps them to end their challenges. As Rajavi has repeatedly stated in the internal relations, all governments, and superpowers in particular, surrender to the activities of the so-called daredevil individuals (MKO members) due to their conservative inclinations and it suffices for MKO’s success and paves the way for the achievement of all its objectives.

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