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MKO leaders feared by Iraqi Police

Following the arrival and settlement of Iraqi police in Camp Ashraf in order to investigate the cases of residents of Ashraf, the leaders of Rajavis’ Cult have launched a large-scale propaganda collecting signatures of supporters of former Iraqi dictator, Saddam Hussein to protest against the legitimate approach of Iraqi government.

The move by Iraqi police which indicates the declining process of MKO presence in Iraqi territory ,has terrified the cult leaders who have always prevented the Ashraf residents from free access to outside world and visiting their families . Now that the Iraqi police is settled in Camp Ashraf (a part of its territory which has been occupied by MKO), the residents of Ashraf will find the opportunity to voice their requests and to call for help against manipulative pressures caused by leaders.

Although, the presence of police in a society, assures the security and peace, Rajavis’ cult leaders are awfully terrified. The residents of Camp Ashraf arrived in Iraq with Iranian IDs and passports or they entered from a third country and stayed in Iraq as the guests of Saddam Hussein. Therefore, it is the absolute right of Iraqi legitimate government to investigate the case of the terrorists who had been sheltered by former Baathist dictator of Iraq.

The cult leaders fear from being executed and tried for their inhumane approaches against their own members and the atrocities they committed against innocent Iraqi civilians. They allow themselves to imprison Iranian youth behind the bars of their cult and to stop them visiting their parents, educating, traveling and having fun but they cannot stand the Iraqi police listening to residents and voicing their calls before the international community.
By Mazda Parsi

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