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MKO thirst for alliance with other terrorist groups

In an interview in relation with recent confessions of the gang leader of Jundollah terrorist group about cooperating with MKO Secretary General of Habilian Association said: Terrorist groups such as People’s Mujahedeen and Jundollah follow the same approach and some western countries like United States and Britain are never expected to put a stop to the criminal activities of such groups because the sponsorship of terrorism would be carried out by the same two countries.

Calling the Iraqi government and people’s desire for the expulsion of MKO from their country as logic Hashemi Nejad also said: Today MKO collaboration with many other terrorist groups is absolutely certain for the Iraqi government and the Iraqi people know it very well that the presence of this band inside the country is the basis of insecurity and unrest in Iraq, therefore the Iraqi government’s determination to expel this terrorist organization according to the Iraqi constitution is quite understandable.

In response to a question about the possibility of Jundollah presence on the western borders because of their cooperation with the MKO Secretary General of Habilian Association said: Masterminding such a mobility is beyond the abilities of MKO which is now in a very crucial status, besides groups like PJAK in western Iran and Jundollah in the east are directly backed by the United States and Israel and MKO is only a tool for the implementation of America’s plans.

Hashemi Nejad reiterated once again the critical situation of the People’s Mujahedeen and said: After the fall of Saddam, Mujahedeen have lost their major supporter and now seek to postpone the closure of camp Ashraf at any rate and their cooperation with Jundollah is in an attempt to describe the situation crucial so as to draw a part of the attention of Iran and Iraq to other things.

This expert in the affairs of the People’s Mujahedeen continued: The course of action of the terrorist MKO and Jundollah is almost the same and they have many things in common and today the cooperation between them reveals that their difference is merely about the names; yet they have undertaken the same approach.
Rejecting the existence of democracy in MKO cult Hashemi Nejad said: there’s no place for the group to portray itself a democratic organization because terrorism is in its theory structure struggle for creating discord and riot is in its nature.

In response to a question about the possibility of MKO return to the terror list of European Union due to their cooperation with Jundollah son of Ayatollah Hashemi Nejad also said: MKO rearrival at the European Union list of terrorist groups does not change anything and will make no difference in the EU attitude towards the rebel group, therefore there is no need for trying to enlist them again; because such lists are only symbolic and would do nothing to reduce their miseries.

Underlining that MKO supporters are countries and individuals who are never after the actual meaning of Human Rights Hashemi Nejad went on and said: Thos who claim MKO has renounced terrorism are the same ones who remained silent at the time this terrorist cult openly carried out terrorist operations across Europe.

At the end Hashemi Nejad stated: MKO has recently staged clandestine efforts for the release of Abu Omar al-Baghdadi, top MKO leader in Iraq, which indicates the high point of terrorism in this cult.

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