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The Role of Terrorist Groups in US Plan

According to Newswires, Iraqi president Mr. Jalal Talabani has announced that Iraq has reached an agreement with Ankara to stop the penetration of PKK paramilitary forces to Turkey.

Following reports on the closure of some PKK offices in Iraq, Turkish foreign minister said: "PKK will be dismantled and we will see this very soon".

There’s no doubt that Iraq’s agreement to stop the activities of PKK and preventing this group from threatening Turkey from the soil of Iraq is a result of Iraq’s new policies (having good relations with neighboring countries and cleansing Iraq from terrorist groups). However, the amazing point is that PKK, like the terrorist MKO, sends messages for the US that it can serve it in the region and that it can be a good servant for US’s plan of New Middle East.

In this regard, Jamil Bayik, an activist from Iraqi Kurdistan, has told Americans that they can’t advance their plan without considering the issue of PKK and Kurds.

This is not strange that such groups resort to the US, since they are well aware that the US has come to the region for invading the countries of the region, not for fighting against terrorism and that they should eventually play the role of protectors for Israel.

Irandidban –  2006/08/06-09

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