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Terrorism breeds terrorism

In a telephone interview with the database of Habilian Association (terror victims’ family) president of Iraq’s press Association expressed Iraqi people’s unanimity for the annihilation of all terrorist groups, Mojahedin-e Khalq in particular, in their country.

In this interview Ammar Mon’em al-Sudani said: the Iraqi constitution would never tolerate the presence of terrorist groups in Iraq; the fact which is constantly emphasized by all Iraqi high ranking officials.

Al-Sudani went on and said: We call for an actual solution to stop MKO from continuing their terrorist activities; then we would be able to wipe out all aspects of terrorism remained from the former regime in Iraq.

Pointing to the intelligence cooperation of MKO and Jundollah recently confirmed by Jundollah gang leader, the Iraqi press activist also said: of course terrorism breeds terrorism and bad work begets bad work and the existence of one terrorist group would result in the formation and promotion of other terrorist groups.

Then he underlined Iraqi people’s desire for the undying establishment of peace and tranquility in their country and clarified: we demand the dissolution of terrorism roots. We demand the eradication of terrorist groups like MKO and al Qaeda and the beginning of a new chapter away from the former terrorist regime’s chauvinism. I believe that if we fail to put an end to such groups, terrorism would spread its roots and would impact the region and like a virus would weaken the role of government in Iraq.

Al-Sudani added: The Iraqi government has a firm position against MKO and is determined to expel MKO from Iraq.

In response to a question about the barriers which impede the implementation of the decision to expel MKO from Iraq, al-Sudani said: The main reason why MKO has not been yet expelled from Iraq is America’s support for them and after that lack of consensus in the parliament who defend this terrorist group for their own interests.

He notified at the end that MKO collaboration with al Qaeda and Jundollah would be of no use for them and they are doomed to leave the soil of our country.

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