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Outcome of Rajavi’s Ambitions

In any cult-like culture, cult leaders generally seek their own ambitions by enslaving a group of individuals who have left their ordinary life behind to achieve the goals of the cult leader. These members are prepared by the cult leader to run his ambitions. That’s why today the world is very crucial about groups that represent cult culture, as what the world saw in September 11th The leaders of Rajavi’s cult always consider the list of their victims as their honor.disastrous act that was committed by cult ( Al Qaida ) members who were able to perform the most unthinkable act of suicide.

In the cult of Rajavi, Massoud Rajavi’s extreme ambition for power has already taken the lives of a large number of people including the organization’s members, Iraqi and Iranian civilians and authorities. The shameful part is that the leaders of Rajavi’s cult always consider the list of their victims as their honor.

More important is the danger linked with MKO which endangers today’s international community.
As an ambitious cult leader, Massoud Rajavi and his co-leader Maryam “make the members believe that Massoud is the only one who is always ready for change and revolution; the only one who sacrifices himself to solve other people’s problems; the only one who assumes every responsibility. Therefore he is not an ordinary man! This is what the organization makes us believe” according to Batoul Soltani, former member of MEK’s Leadership Council. The figure that the cult draws of Massoud presents him as the master and owner of members, so they just obey the internal dynamic that dominates the cult.

The position Massoud considers for himself is the one of a person who is “the bridge between people and God. Now from that position he can more or less order his followers to do anything” , says Ann Singleton an MKO ex-member. And this position is the one that convinces the members to set themselves on fire following the arrest of Maryam Rajavi in June 2003.

Marjan Malek, another defector of MKO who was arrested by Iranian Police when she was supposed to carry out a mortar attack in Tehran, says that “the MEK tells members that Massoud Rajavi is not only your leader, but also your husband, father and brother. He is the only one who should matter in your life and you shouldn’t think about any one else.”

Marjan Malek left her children, and husband after she joined MKO .she was trained in Camp Ashraf, sent to Iran where she launched mortar attacks against her own compatriots. She defected from the cult after her arrest and as one of the founders of Nejat Society, she could join her children in Sweden where they were kept by MKO supporters after they were separated from their mother. See how the ambitions of a cult leader change a mother to an assassin who leaves her family to kill the civilians of her own nation. And Massoud Rajavi is personally accountable for everything his cult members do.

Nowadays, while Camp Ashraf is completely going under the control of Iraqi Police, Massoud Rajavi is the only responsible for lives of those six members who were killed during riots at Ashraf gates. Those members are only some brainwashed manipulated individuals who were ordered by their leader to defend their Camp by rocks or knives.
By Mazda Parsi

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