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MKO and continuation of a wrong approach

Reported by Times, a group of ailing hunger strikers from Barnet ended their 72-day fast today after achieving what they called a "huge victory for humanity". A dozen fasters from across Barnet have refused food for more than ten weeks in an attempt to convince international forces to help 36 fellow Iranians in the custody of the Iraqi Government. The detainees were freed and returned to Camp Ashraf from a military base in Baghdad, where they were being held. Many of the arrested were also on a hunger strike and are said to be seriously ill and have been taken to Ashraf medical center for treatment.

Noteworthy in this entire story is application of pressure prompted by the hunger strikers to enforce an organizational will. No doubt, a government like Iraq has to take precautionary measures to guarantee its people’s security at a time when the country is facing violent challenges from a variety of dissident factions and remnants of the ousted dictator and his collaborators. Of course none of these dissidents are willing to abide by the new constitution and rules that restricts their activity in the country, including the terrorists hosted and patronized by Saddam.

Although removed from the EU list of terrorist organizations, MKO is still a recognized terrorist group with the full practice of a cult. The marriage and merger of terrorism and cultism has transformed MKO to a dangerous organization that never abides by any constitution and organizational law to achieve its illegal demands. Look, for example, at its appalling, anti-human and cultic immolations of June 17, 2003 to protest the arrest of its leader, Maryam Rajavi. It did not take long to force French Government to release her only to extinguish human torches and to stop cultic practices that were leading the country into a real social crisis. Then, Mojahedin sang and danced to celebrate the victory.

It is the victory that is important for MKO regardless of the lives it may cost. The story is repeated again. The organization claims to have achieved another victory and nothing but the words stated by the sympathizers and members can describe the truth under the words: "Everyone here is crying, dancing, singing. Celebrations will continue late into the night. It is a truly wonderful moment. "We know we will have health problems later, but that is nothing compared to what we have achieved." The jubilant is natural because the cult believes it has succeeded to win over the law and order through pressure and cultic practices. But the sad part is that it is claimed to be a victory for right demands and democracy. What will really happen if democracy, unless they have a different definition for democracy, is to be achieved through pressure, violence and anti-human practices?

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