MKO members to be transferred to Al-Khazra region

The deputy head of the council of Dyala governorate said the Mojahedin-e Khalq members will be transferred from Ashraf Camp to “Al-Khazra” region in near future.
MKO members to be transferred to Al-Khazra region
Based on a report by Justice Supporters’ Association, visiting Karbala city, “Sadegh Al-Hosseini told the reporter of Iraqi website “Al-Nun”: the MKO members have resorted to a new kind of dangerous weapon in order to remain in Ashraf Camp. This new weapon is hunger strike, hitting each other by knife or having poison.

He continued: the time of their move is so close and thus they make use of these strategies to prevent it.

According to Al-Hosseni Iraqi government intends to transfer the Mojahedin members to a region within Al-Khazra area in Baghdad. The decision made since none of the Iraqi provinces accepted the residence of the cult members in their territory.


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