25 members of the Cult of Rajavi transferred to Albania and Norway

Two groups of 20 and 5 residents of Camp Liberty were relocated respectively in Albania and Norway, Neday-e Haqiqat Website reported.

This is the first group of Liberty residents to be resettled in third countries in Iranian New Year; 1395.

It is worth to know that a number of commandants of the Cult of Rajavi including Fahimeh Arvani were also transferred to Albania. Fahimeh Arvani was detained by the Albanian police for a few days due to the arrest Warrant issued for her criminal activities.

Names of those transferred to Tirana are as follows:

  1. Kobra Hasanvand
  2. Mahin Horri(Purseddigh)
  3. Zinat Majidi
  4. Mohammad Ali Mohajeri
  5. Dariush Nasr Ghajar
  6. Ahmad Hushi
  7. Thaher Eghbal
  8. Kamiyar Izadpanah(Azadi)
  9. Mohammad Mir Ghafuri
  10. Ruzbeh Emadzadeh(imanzadeh)
  11. Ehsan Rahmani
  12. Ehsan Samimiha
  13. Saleh Abbaszadeh
  14. Dara Roheili Khorasani
  15. Farzan Falahatgar
  16. Mohammad Hashemi
  17. Alborz Rahimian
  18. Ali Sarshahi
  19. Bahram Zazani
  20. Meysam Nahid

Those moved to Norway:

  1. Farshid Madadzadeh
  2. Marziyeh Kabiri
  3. Nader Varmazyari
  4. Naser Varmazyari
  5. Adel Varmazyari

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