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MKO’s illusion of being above the law

Among numerous anti-social characteristics ascribed to MKO as a terrorist cult is the illusion of considering itself a special privilege to be exempted of the rules and laws all have to abide. The Iraqi officials have recurrently reiterated that the government is determined to execute the law in spite of many obstacles thrown up by MKO and that the organization is not above the law.
Being under such an illusion, MKO has been a trouble for any country whose authorities have been under obligation to deal with this terrorist cult according to their countries’ laws. It has its own criteria to judge about the laws and what the right may be which are, of course, found out of the regular and adopted constitutions and regulations. Above that, it considers itself a law-making nucleus whose laws overshadow that of any legal body of legislation and every instrument of law enforcement; within its organizationally codified laws it outlaws any law that goes against its interests.

It should be notified that from the very first days of his release from prison following a national uprising, Rajavi judged everything as legal or illegal according to his own egocentric judgments and believed its organization to be the nucleus of the Iranian revolution whose leader’s decision-makings, thought to be Mr. Rajavi, were most accurate and flawless and had to be authorized unquestionably. In fact, it was the reason of his falling out with the regime. The root of such illusion that a group considers itself as the prior alternative to any legislative body and law lies in many factors infrastructure of which is the innately totalitarian inclinations of such groups. But there are other factors as well.

Social legitimacy: A group that dares to challenge adopted laws and regulations might be under the delusion that it has the support of a social majority. It assumes that as the representative of peoples it is ordained to question statutes of the ruling body on behalf of its advocates. The consequent anarchy is what most governments have to deal with when trying to disillusion such a group and it might cost many lives and resources.

Abuse of law: Not all but some groups and individuals abuse assumed legitimacies in a lawful framework against the law itself. In fact, they are armed with laws of democracy that can use them easily against the law and democracy themselves. The authority that the law has granted them turns into a tool that openly challenges the legal constitutions that has legitimized the authority in their hands.

Resorting to terror: There is a third factor that encourages the lawbreakers to consider themselves above any law; they are armed with an anti-social tool of violence and terror. They know no limits for use of these tools to achieve their objectives and are bond to no code of ethics to stop them. Any means is justified to help them achieve their ends; they appear as suicide bombers, hijackers, assassins and are instilled with a willingness to die and let others die as well. They never think of themselves as nuisance to people and governments but them as obstacles that hider the solution to the problems as they have found it.

Suicide terrorism: Of the working tool some groups utilize to impose their demands on the governments and legal bodies are suicide operations. They may disturb and terrorize society through abominable acts of self-destruction and immolation. The execution and extent of the attacks depends on the motives behind the operations. Although it can be a personal motive, but in most cases it is an organized act to either accelerate a time consuming legal process or to impose illegal demands on the governments and the nations. As the public opinion, in many cases unaware of the true nature of the demands, may play a positive role in the accomplishment of the ends, the social arena is the best site to perform the operations and today it is proved to be a most working tool in the hands of terrorist groups.

No one can deny the impact of MKO’s appalling reaction against the arrest of its leader, Maryam Rajavi, by the French police in June 2003. The widespread premeditated self-immolations just in the middle of the streets before the public eyes indeed shocked and paralyzed the French police and, as it felt a responsibility to prevent further bruise of public emotions, immediately withdraw and set her free. The authorities were convinced that the immolation would continue if they kept her in custody; the awful impress on public opinion was not something the state could tolerate. The sole solution to end the social crisis was then to release her even if temporally.

Such activities and the consequent results has emboldened MKO to resort to any counter-democratic and illegal deeds to push forward with illegal demands, and it is a real expert in masterminding any operation that grants it high opportunities against adversaries. The organization has deluded itself into thinking that the laws and rules have no other choice but to submit to its will and whatever it considers as right. But how long does it think that it could be tolerated?

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