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MKO’s Melancholic Illusion

So far, MKO’s numerous failures have been criticized and even attacked in different comments but there has been no answer from the group’s spokespersons. Instead, they have always tried to justify these failures and to convince their members to forget the issue.

The fact is that they could have used these criticisms to correct their positions. But why this didn’t happen?

The answer is that the only thing that can lead a person to such stupidity is a person’s melancholic illusions about himself. According to such illusions, leaders of Rajavi’s gang think what they do is the best and that they’re free from all faults!

Stupid remnants of Rajavi, in their recent analysis, claimed that the change of US’s strategies in Iraq (an issue that has been vaguely discussed by US officials) is a result of collecting the signatures of 5 million Iraqis by the MKO to prove their support for the group!

The liars of Rajavi don’t think that if this figure was true, an Iraqi official (and not the journals tied to Baathists) would refer to that even once.

Another function of such melancholic illusion could be viewed in Maryam Rajavi’s trip to Belgium. This trip had nothing for the MKO except that MKO members sent the news for a number of journals and analyzed the comments of some Iranian authorities.

However, inside the organization, MKO leaders made stories of this trip and talked about it as if that will solve all their problems.

This melancholic illusion is the one that 25 years ago took the MKO to the domain anarchy and terrorism. Now it can be predicted that this crazy illusion, which has really become incurable, will inevitably lead to the destruction of the group, and many of the members inside Camp Ashraf will have to pay for this destruction.

Irandidban     2006/11/04

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