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MEK leaders and the illusion of overthrow

A series of popular protests (of 2017-2018) in Iran, on economic issues, created the illusion for the leaders of the Mujahedin Khalq Organization (MEK/ MKO/ PMOI/ Cult of Rajavi) that the overthrow of the Islamic Republic of Iran is close.
In this regard, the leaders gathered members and held a general meeting and read the message from Massoud Rajavi (who has been disappeared since 2003). It was emphasized that “with the rise of social uprisings and the formation of resistance units, along with the inflation of prices and economic issues, the Islamic Republic would be overthrown by February 2019, and the group would be welcome by Iranians’ with greetings and salutations and the group would put Maryam Rajavi on the throne of the presidency.

The baseless words of the terrorist leaders of the MEK can be considered from a number of perspectives:

First, the internal economic protests can be considered a natural occurrence in any country. At times, perhaps because of the current international developments, a country like Iran, in contrast to various hostile powers and under intense pressure from enemies, has been placed in a difficult situation and face shortcomings. The Increase in deficiencies and different requirements of life will provoke protests and with the elimination of shortcomings, conditions will return to normal. It should be borne in mind that Iran is a wealthy country that, thanks to its rich domestic resources, has the ability to overcome economic problems and control the situation.

Second, it seems that the leaders of the MEK have no knowledge of the international developments and capacities of the Iranian diplomacy system. They are unaware of the fact that the Islamic Republic of Iran has open and secret capacities in the political arena and international relations and if the conditions get hard and difficult, then based on logic and rationality, Iran will use all its capacities to preserve and secure the national interests and security of the country.

Third, for many years, the leaders of the MEK, with the promise of the overthrow of the Islamic Republic, have been able to sustain their nature and provide continuity for their political survival. But now, after forty years, they have not achieved their goals yet. The leaders of this terrorist organization even told their members that the recent protests in Iran were signs of the overthrow of the government.

Maryam Rajavi in Albania

Of course, the imagination has been futile. That’s why the organization has faced a domestic crisis in recent months, and many members, disappointed with baseless promises, began to protest and even some escaped from the Albania’s camp. Apparently, as the situation worsened, Maryam Rajavi has stayed in the camp and tried to maintain internal coherence holding a series of ideological meetings to prevent domestic defections.
Rajavi tries to keep hope alive within the group with the slogan of “overthrow is Close” and to prevent the beginning of possible riots. She announced the February 2019 as the time of the collapse of the Iranian regime. February 2019 was a serious test for MEK leaders.
Definitely, after the failure of the test, the MKO leaders had to wait for the internal crisis to emerge. The deceived members of the organization had no motive for staying in the organization. They do not see any necessity to stay in the group while the leaders promise never come true.

Dr. Reza Ekhtiari Amiri, Assistant Professor at Law Faculty of Mazandaran University

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