MKO again feels sheepish!

It was just yesterday that Maryam Rajavi’s hasty message congratulating Iyad Allawi on his victory in Iraq’s general elections appeared on the Mujahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO, aka MEK/PMOI) websites. Maryam Rajavi even did not wait for initial vote results before she congratulated both Allawi and Saleh Al-Mutlaq.

Perhaps, ending her fifth decade of life, there is a relapse in Maryam’s Alzheimer’s that she has forgotten Al-Mutlaq had been disqualified from running in Iraq’s general election for his Baathist ties! Or she might want to decrease her depression and Mutlaq’s, as initial results said PM Maliki was leading vote!

Maryam was so sheepish that her message was removed from the MKO website in a few hours!
Let’s not ask Maryam Rajavi about her claims on her allied candidates’ enjoying much support among Iraqis, since – as always – the so-called president elect of the National Council of Resistance does not have any answer. However, let’s not forget it was not the first time the MKO leaders made such a boo-boo.

The terrorists troubled themselves so much to support Ségolène Royal in 2007 French presidential election, but they looked much sheepish after the election!

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