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Mojahedin in support of Rigi

The MKO as well as its official sites and media have supported Rigi openly calling him the leader of a democratic movement and now after a while, entrusted their covering sites and sub organizations with the task. In this regard, the sites of “Didgah” and “Aftabkaran” are representing the position takings and viewpoints of the organization toward Rigi’s arrest. For instance, the article titled “Rigi’s arrest and unseen relieves” by Javad Shafaei in Aftabkaran as well as “Warning, Necessity” by M. Akhlaqi in Didgah can be referred to. Both these articles make an attempt to consider the detention of this notorious terrorist as a warning and also a global jobbery of intelligent services of the US, England, and Pakistan. Moreover, they appreciate Mojahedin for supporting him and denouncing his seizure. Surprisingly enough, they refer to Rigi as the leader of an armed overthrowing opposition:

Whatever the idea of Rigi, the guerilla fighter, he said no to the regime through the most scathing language, i.e. gun.

This open support of Rigi comes by MKO while according to its official sites, the US and England have denied any cooperation with Rigi clarifying their position toward his terrorist actions. Disregarding the truth or falsehood of their claim, the significant point is that even these superpowers show reluctant to defend Rigi’s brutal terrorist activities due to his inexpressible barbarization. However, Mojahedin are to connect themselves to Rigi and his fugitive homicides as much as possible and introduce a pathological terrorist as an opposition against the Iranian government. The western and European advocators of the organization are to answer this question: how an armed group can make its utmost efforts through lobbying to be removed from the terrorist list of the US and other countries and at the same time it supports Abdolmalik Rigi? The US has to come to answer this question too due to giving political refuge to Mojahedin and also supporting them as prisoners of war in Iraq misusing international conventions. Mojahedin support Rigi overtly at a time when no opposition dares to support him.

The western sympathizers of Mojahedin have to answer what is the relationship between decapitating and spraying a number of hostages, even if related to Iranian government, and their slogans of fighting for freedom and democracy and demanding for the ethnic and religious rights of nations. Moreover, what is the relation between this terrorist and an opposition group like Mojahedin that constantly suggests a third democratic solution to confront its challenges. Their supporting Rigi means legitimizing any brutal and wicked action like that imposed on Muslim Bosnians in the world. It is equal to defending Rigi’s fellows to follow his path. In other words, despite all their trickery and demagogic slogans on democracy, Mojahedin try to destabilize the atmosphere of Iran in different ways like inciting the civil remonstrations by the interference of their terrorist agents as well as supporting Rigi and his shameful actions for organizing and enrolling his terrorist advocators and followers. Now the EU is to be ashamed of removing the name of MKO from its terrorist list. Moreover, the act of the EU court on removing the name of MKO from terrorist list due to the point that they denounced terrorist activity or support for any terrorist group or since February 2001 is meaningless.

The way Mojahedin denounce the detention of Rigi at the time being may imply that they are likely to support Bin Laden and Al-Qaede in the future if they were put behind bars by means of the justifications made in support of Rigi and his terrorist fellows and may accuse the US and England for arresting a notorious terrorist as well. The western and even the European parliamentarians and advocators of MKO avoid supporting Rigi. It means that they do not bear the terrorist reign of a group like Rigi on Iranians despite their opposition toward the Iranian regime. It is not clear how they can ignore and justify the act of Mojahedin in supporting Rigi. Can they accept the responsibility of the atrocities caused if in the future Rigi and his supporter, Mojahedin, rise to power? The fact is that the main achievement of Rigi’s seizure was that the real aggressive and liar visage of Mojahedin claiming to be after the accomplishment of democracy and human rights was uncovered once more and those supporting MKO came to the point that they will be the first victims of the organization if Mojahedin get to a position of political or military power.

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