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MKO latest propaganda stunt against families

The new, preposterous form of propaganda by MKO’s leaders aimed to frustrate the gathering of members’ families who insist to meet their children and relatives enslaved in Camp Ashraf is of great significance to consider. The families’ gathering has entered its fourth month and the organization has already started to get desperate as it has actually churned the internal relations and caused commotion and has made the organization vulnerable to many separations and escapes, as we have witnessed recently. Before, the organization would refer to the families’ gathering as propaganda show staged by the Iranian regime’s Intelligence Ministry, but now it has started a new form of offense against the families to damage their morale and to break their encampment in front of Ashraf.

The families’ adamant resistance against MKO’s systematic measures of waging psychological war indicates that, in spite of suffering great discomfort and distress before the gates of Ashraf, they will persist beyond every physical and psychological stunt and barrier plotted by the organization. MKO’s new psychological war has aimed at the families heart and emotions referring to them as step father and mothers rather than the real parents of the members.
In the newly staged show, a number of the ranking members are acting a scenario before the TV cameras as interviewees by claiming that those calling themselves their parents before the Ashraf gate are none but their step father and mothers provoked by the Iranian regime.

“They have brought some, including my mother, of course my step mother, before Ashraf to damage my morale”, one of the members said. “I told from the very beginning that whoever walks with regime’s intelligence will be a hireling. This stepfather of mine once came to Ashraf in 2003 and stayed for three days”, another member is heard to claim. And we can also see another one saying, “We Mojahedin announce that we have no father and mother nor children until the regime will collapse”.

How it is possible that some families became step parents overnight is a matter to ponder. In any struggle, the campaigners have families and attachments and nothing may break the pure, human emotional ties that sometimes act as factors of encouragement. It is only in a cultic milieu that these lofty and highly respected attachments and emotions are rendered valueless and Rajavi has already vacated the hearts of his followers from whatever attaches them to the outside world of free men. And the newly made shows are the last strikes by Rajavi’s apostles to square it all with the families and to demonstrate the organization’s inhuman potentialities to challenge them against the continuation of persisting in their demands.

But can cultic brainwashing actually overcome the parental and familial attachments that remain important to one’s emotional and identity development and the cause for life? For sure, nothing in the world, even psychological propaganda of a terrorist cult, can thoroughly cut the deeply rooted emotional and psychological attachments between parents and children and vice versa. What is actually separating them is an enforced barrier of intimidation as well as walls and bars. If Rajavi and his associates believe in the sincerity of their claims and that Mojahedin have cut all familial attachments for a greater cause, then, why are they afraid to let these veterans with such high morale meet with their families? It is really abominable to disregard rights of some old parents, wives and children who are tolerating all kinds of suffering to meet their sons, husbands and fathers enslaved, rather than being volunteer fighters, within a closed military camp. No doubt, what Rajavi losses in this inhuman form of blitz will be much more than what he has aimed to gain as the public opinion has well developed an understanding that such allegations are void of credibility.

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