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No one is about to open Ashraf gates

Since the gathering of the families of MKO victims and captives before Camp Ashraf, Mojahedin media as well as advocates have staged a new round of propagation and have repeatedly asked the mass media and reporters from all over the world to cover Camp Ashraf news for the world to be informed of what is happening therein. But is it really sincere in what is advertising? A review of BBC’s report in 26 April, basically in Persian, discredits all claims made by the organization as well as the truth of the statements made by the family of MKO members made in their nearly three months of gathering before the camp to let the world hear their cries of protest against the most blatant form of the modern slavery and to see and release their children and beloved ones from the clutches of the terrorist organization.

BBC report starts with a sight of a big lock on the gate of Ashraf and the starting point of the text is “No one is to open the doors; all cries are uttered in vain”. Then the father of an Ashraf resident tells the reporter “It is for 22 years that I’ve received no letter of my son”. Some MKO members managing to escape from Ashraf are quoted as saying “Mojahedin high rankings prevent members to leave camp by means of intimidation, threat, and coercive measures”. And BBC reporter expounds on the reaction of Ashraf officials, stating: The gates of the camp are closed on the reporters too and despite we have called Mojahedin authorities inside camp many times, there is no answer to our questions. Finally, BBC refers to the main challenge of Ashraf victims and its solution: ‘The US recognizes Mojahedin as a terrorist organization yet it has some advocators among American and European politicians and lawmakers who defend the survival of camp Ashraf in Iraq. Now the basic question is how long the few advocates of Mojahedin are to victimize thousands of innocents and their families for their own interests? There are some points to be mentioned on the BBC report.

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The report approved the fact that despite the dissemination of Mojahedin and inviting mass media to camp Ashraf, the organization has so far refrained to welcome the reporters’ presence and answering their questions. Instead, it refers to the gathering before the camp as a propaganda show staged by the Iranian regime and calling people and reporters Intelligence Ministry agents swarming at the front gate of Ashraf by the collaboration of the Iraqi Prime Minister’s Office. The report has some shocking scenes illustrating the oppression and injustice of Ashraf high rankings imposed on MKO victims, their families and children and focuses on the gap separating Ashraf from the family of its residents as well as the baseless claims of Rajavi on the point that Ashraf residents have remained there at will and its doors are open for those willing to leave and other lies fabricated by him for killing time and victimizing more members. There is no need to interpret the tearful eyes of an eight-year-old girl who has never seen his father since she was born. The BBC report contains justifiable and significant points to convince the global community, international humanitarian institutions and mass media to be concerned about the blatant violations of human rights and international rules by the leaders of a blacklisted terrorist cult that respects no convention, law and domestic legislation.

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