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Interior Ministry announces receipt of arrest warrants for 38 leaders and members of MKO

Interior Ministry announces receipt of arrest warrants for 38 leaders and members of

The Ministry of Interior on Saturday announced it had received the arrest warrants issued by the Iraqi High Tribunal against 38 leaders and members of the Mojahedin-e Khalq (aka MKO, MEK, PMOI) on charges of involvement in crimes against humanity. A source in the Criminal Court said the MKO who are wanted had been involved with Iraqi security forces in quelling the uprising of March 1991.

Aydan Khaled, Under Secretary of the Ministry of Interior for Police Affairs said in interview with Alsumaria News, "The Ministry received the warrants from the High Court against 38 leaders and the Mojahedin accused of committing crimes against humanity."

According to Khaled, "The Interior Ministry circulated judicial orders to all police stations in Baghdad for their implementation and investigation". He noted that "the Ministry does not have complete information on the whereabouts of the elements of the MKO wanted for arrest, whether they are inside or outside Iraq."

The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior for Police Affairs said that "the ministry had no statistics or information for the pursuit of elements of the Organization for crimes at this time", pointing out at the same time "the breaches of law by the elements of the Organization in Ashraf camp included attacks on Iraqi police officers and prevention of families of members of the organization coming from Iran to visit their children and their families within Camp Ashraf ".

The violence which broke out in Camp Ashraf which was demilitarized after the transfer of responsibility for camp security from American troops to Iraq in July 2009, has led to the deaths and injuries of nearly three hundred members of the Mojahedin organization, including 25 women, with 110 of the Iraqi security forces among the wounded and dead…
It is noteworthy that in late January of last year, 2009, the Mojahedin had been taken off the European Union list of terrorist organizations. The Iranian government strongly condemned the resolution, and the Government of Iraq has long tried to close the camp and find a solution to relocate the residents inside, either through return to Iran or through transfer to places deep in the desert or to a third country, but things remained the same.

For his part, a source in the High Criminal Court said that "the arrest warrants issued against 38 of the MKO members comes against the background of charges of killings and torture against Iraqi citizens in 1991."

The source said, in an interview with Alsumaria News, that the Mojahedin is accused of killing thousands of Iraqi citizens in coordination with the Iraqi security forces to suppress the uprising of March 1991, indicating that the investigations carried out proved the participation of members of the MKO in quelling the rebelling southern provinces and the north. "

The source, a judge in the Criminal Court who asked not to be named said the "most wanted leaders of the MKO, include leader Massoud Rajavi and his wife Maryam Rajavi."

The regime of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein assigned the members of the MKO to the Iraqi Army and Republican Guard in its military operations in the provinces of the North and South to end a popular uprising in March 1991 against the regime of Saddam Hussein after his defeat in the Kuwait war. The MKO’s role is especially important because of the survival of its military arsenal which was safe from any damage due to [U.S.] aerial bombardment of Iraqi sectors, and the destruction, most of which was in Kuwait and its surroundings in the ground offensive of the Allied forces in the twenty-fourth of the month of February 1991…

Alsumaria News- translated by Iran Interlink
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