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Thwarted escape attempt by a disaffected MEK member

Letter to the Iraqi Prime Minister

Letter to the Iraqi Prime Minister to inform him of the thwarted escape attempt today by a disaffected member of the Rajavi cult from Camp Ashraf, in Diyala province

In the name of God

Mr. Noori Al Maliki, Prime Minister of Iraq

Dear Sir,
May we bring to your kind attention that today July 08, 2010 at about 10 am, a member of the blankMojahedin Khalq Organisation (aka: MKO, MEK, NCRI, Rajavi cult) while signalling with his hands, tried to approach the families by moving towards them, and one of the families started walking towards him. At this moment the security forces of Mojahedin Khalq Organisation present there attacked the member, tied his hands and beat him up severely. They then moved him in to a car and drove away. While this was going on, they used abusive language and threw stones at the families present there and witnessing this assault which resulted in some injuries. Also, two Iraqi soldiers who were also near by, and who intervened to protect the victim as well as the families also came under attack. Unfortunately, they were also hit and injured by the stones thrown by the Mojahedin Khalq Security forces.

About 20 to 30 minutes later we witnessed an American Military helicopter flying low over the families and filming them!

May we remind your good self that after the escape of several members who managed to get themselves out in the recent months, the Mojahedin have been increasing their security by increasing the barbed wire fencing, and in addition have installed CCTV to monitor the movements of all their members. They have also banned any presence of ordinary members in the streets.

This means that the members are imprisoned in such a manner that escape is almost impossible. Today’s incident happened after a message was read repeatedly from a recent escapee to one of his friends who had asked him to let him know about the outside. It is clear to us that this person has been listening to the announcement and has decided to run away from the camp.

We, the families picketing outside camp New Iraq (formerly Ashraf) are deeply worried about the fate and the health of the arrested person remembering that he could be the child of any of us.
The gates of Ashraf camp have been left open for the reason that if anyone decides to run away from the cult, he or she can walk away from this Dark Age’s garrison. Unfortunately today’s incident showed otherwise. Now only God knows what will be brought upon the arrested person and what tortures are awaiting him.

We have complaints against the leaders of the Mojahedin Khalq cult and would like to ask you as the Prime Minister of our brother neighbouring country Iraq, to order the relevant authorities to attend to this situation.

The Mojahedin are now capable of bringing any kind of harm to our children and no one would even know about it. We ask your intervention to save these lives.

The families picketing outside camp New Iraq (formerly Ashraf)
July 08, 2010

The office of President Talebani
The Head of Iraqi Parliament
The office of UN Secretary General
Minister of Human Rights of Iraq
The Iraqi High Court
International Human Rights Organisations
The Ambassador of USA in Iraq


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