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Western supporters of MKO must be cautious!

It is now more than 5 months since some families of the members of Mujahedin-e Khalq

Families picketing in front of Ashraf camp for more than 5 months

Organization (MKO – Rajavi cult) based in Ashraf camp in Iraq are protesting in front of the camp and their only wish is to visit their loved ones whom they have not seen in some cases for more than two decades. The leaders of MKO cult have of course denied their plea and on the contrary have called their move a conspiracy plotted by the enemies.

Massoud Rajavi the leader of MKO terrorist cult, who was allied with Saddam Hussein, and is on the run since the invasion of Iraq, has called the appeal a circus show and has compared the families to circus animals. These comments were broadcasted in the cult’s satellite television. During this time some mind manipulated elements of the cult residing inside Ashraf camp have tried to intimidate the families and insulted them in several occasions. These actions of course had no impact on the families and did not make them to pull back and on the contrary have made them more decisive to insist on their demands and carry on their picketing until they manage to see their relatives.
The cultic behaviors of MKO and its leaders are quite exposed to those who have even little knowledge about the deeds of this terrorist destructive cult. Several researchers, experts and international bodies do recognize MKO as a cult of personality. MKO is a destructive cult which is
Manipulated elements of MKO cult threatening the families
threatening its own confined members more than anyone else and has the capacity of creating a human tragedy.

The families of captive members inside cultic camp of Ashraf have every right to be concerned about their loved ones there. Circus show is exactly what Rajavi has set up in Iraq and innocent people have been moved away from their human nature and have become robots and machines who could be run in any way their desire, and of course the audience of this miserable and sad circus show are the supporters of MKO in the west who try to keep them alive against humanity for their short term benefits.

Rajavi and its associates are undoubtedly the enemies of Iranian people and their positions are clear. But to respond to those who try to keep MKO active and add to the misery and pains of the

Families of MKO cult members call for help

families and the members in Iraq we just quote Dr. Massoud Banisadr from a website in Britain which has recently been published and we hope it finds its wise addressees:

“I wished Mr. Bolton could remember the advice of his Neo Cons friends to President Reagan in arming Taliban and Terrorists of Bin Laden against the Soviet Union, and could understand how unwise it is to use terrorists and cults against those who one might consider as enemies.

Maryam Rajavi is the cult leader of MEK labeled as Terrorists in US and till recently in EU. Being cult means that they can say anything and pretend to be anybody in hope of reaching to power, and when they do so, they will show their real color. Unfortunately then it is too late for people like Mr. Bolton to compensate for their mistakes as catastrophe of cult leaders in power cannot be erased without loss of lives of millions of innocent people. Don’t’ forget that even Hitler came to power using the same democracy that it seems nowadays to be the slogan of Rajavis. Then, there were some Americans and British who were thinking that they can use Hitler against communists and the Soviet Union, but in power Hitler and his cult of personality did what they did. Then it was too late for free world to realize that they cannot trust cult leaders. To reverse their mistakes millions of lives had to be sacrificed. Recent report of American Think Thank RAND for US defense department pointed out very clearly that NCR or MEK under Rajavi is a destructive cult that can change color at any minute to advance its goals. Not long ago their main slogan was death to the US and calling ‘Human Rights’ and ‘liberal democracy’ as ploy of Imperialism against oppressed people, and now they are using the same slogans to gain support of western politicians against Iranian regime. Do we really want friends like this and support cult leaders that soon can change into new enemies like Bin Laden?”

Sahar Family Foundation in Iraq once again calls the world community, international organizations, human rights activists, public media, and all humanitarian individuals particularly supporters of MKO in the west, who have just seen its misleading appearance and do not know about its wicked nature, to do whatever in their capacity to satisfy the request of the suffering families.

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