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Ahmad Razani a member of Mojahedin Khalq killed in Camp Ashraf

According to the news a member of Mojahedin Khalq stationed in their garrison, Camp Ashraf, in Iraq named Ahmad Razani has been killed by the agents of the Rajavi cult on the morning of Thursday 18th November 2010.

The information suggests that the body of the dead member was transferred to the internal hospital of the camp near the main gates on the morning of Thursday 18th and the cult leaders have claimed that he has killed himself by hanging himself in the main kitchen area.
Ahmad Razani a member of Mojahedin Khalq killed in Camp Ashraf
The Iraqi doctor in the hospital, after preliminary checks has announced that the cause of death was not suicide and therefore he has refused to sign the papers allowing the body to be buried and has sent the body to Iraq for post mortem investigation.

The families of the hostages who have been picketing outside the camp for the last 10 month only to get access and visiting rights with their loved ones, have been deeply affected by the news coming out the garrison.

Also some of the survivors of the cult who are currently in Iraq helping the families have been saddened by the news. They once again emphasised their deep concern over the security and the well being of the hostages taken by the cult in this camp and asked the Iraqi and international bodies to interfere in this ongoing human disaster.

One of the survivors of the cult who knew the murdered member, Ahmad Razani, said, “Ahmad was from Lorestan province and one of the long serving members of the Mojahedin Khalq. He refused to accept the so called ‘Maryam Ideological Revolution’ (cult jargon used to make members divorce and leave their children in order to be available to the cult leader Massoud Rajavi as sex slaves) and has been under severe pressure. He loved his family and this was always brought forward as his weakness in the organisation. He had two children (twins called Bahram and Shahnaz) who were deceived and brought to the camp from Europe and have been kept there ever since”.

Another Survivor of the cult said: “Bahram Razani (the son of Ahmad) was in our unit. He had a wide angle with the organisation and did not believe in the ideological leadership of the organisation and wanted to be allowed to go back to Germany from where he had been deceived and brought to the camp in Iraq. He was under constant pressure because of these demands”.

The Rajavi cult announced that Ahamad Razani committed suicide because of the ongoing noise from the loud speakers of the families picketing outside and the pressure these loud speakers have put on him! Of course everyone knows that the real systematic pressures which are being imposed on the trapped hostages inside this garrison (Camp Ashraf) on a daily basis are not comparable with the noise of some loud speakers.

The news from inside Camp Ashraf also suggests that the cult leaders are putting crippling pressures on the trapped members to write reports and in these reports reject their families and swear at them and lie about them. Every member is expected to use the ultimate swear words against his or her family members and clearly announce that he or she hates them all. According to witness statements, the cult members who show the slightest affection for their families or refuse to write reports and swear at them will undergo severe mental and physical punishments including long hours of interrogation, imprisonment and the threat of murder.

Apparently, in the case of the murder of Ahmand Razani, the leaders of the cult, after giving up about convincing him to cooperate, and after using every available brain washing technique resorted to physical elimination and murdered him. As usual they are now trying to show everything upside down and blame the picketing of the families for their own murderous act.

According to witness statements, the leaders of Rajavi cult have frequently announced that they will have to get rid of the families picketing outside as soon as possible because their presence at the gates of the garrison (Camp Ashraf) is affecting the cult members inside the camp (their presence works against the brainwashing tactics they are using on the victims trapped inside).

It is worth mentioning that the Rajavi cult has a history of murder and killings which they frequently announce as suicide attempts or friendly fire or self inflected gun fire or getting killed in the bombardments (in the case of the wars in Iraq). There are many cases of murder in the file of the Mojahedin Khalq Organisation and its head Massoud Rajavi in the Judicial system of Iraq, but up until now the interference of some foreign backed powers has not allowed the system to pursue the normal judicial procedures.

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