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Letter of picketing families from Lorestan province to the UN General Secretary

In the Name of God

Honorable General Secretary of the United Nations,

With respect, we are a number of families from Lorestan province (west of Iran). We have taken all the hardship and accepted all the risks to travel to Iraq and to the gate of Ashraf camp, the base of Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO) in Iraq, to visit our children. It is 10 days now that we are waiting here and it is more than 30 years that our loved ones are confined by Rajavi.

Although visiting prisoners is our known right, but Masoud and Maryam Rajavi deny it by violating the most basic human rights and the families’ rights regarding the prisoners.

We expect you to adopt all possible means in order to let the mothers and fathers be able to visit their seized children in Ashraf after so many years to ensure their physical and mental health.

We urge the UN, while condemning Massoud Rajavi the leader of MKO, to demand him to respect the global human rights charter and respect the rights of prisoners and their families.
With many thanks and regards

Copy to:
1. Iraqi Presidential office
2. The office of Iraqi Prime Minister
3. The Office of Iraqi minister of human rights
4. The Office of UN in Iraq (UNAMI)
5. The Office of ICRC in Iraq

1. Hassan Golpayegani
2. Ali Hodavand
3. Ali Mirzaee
4. Mohammad Ali Arbabi
5. Reza Arbabi
6. Ali Moradi
7. Morad Hussein Ja’farpour
8. Fereshta Mahdian
9. Mahsa Arjomand
10. Bijada Mahoudvand
11. Sanobar Shah-Karami
12. Fanous Ahmadi
13. Sediqa Mazaheri
14. Ali Mohammad Piranvand
15. Yahya Ja’farpour
16. Zivar Piranvand
17. Kobra Sagvand
18. Majid Shah-Karami
19. Haydar Hassanvand
20. Zeinab Shah-Karami
21. Nahid Abdi Goudarzi
22. Mohsen Mossaddeq
23. Amir Khatibi
24. Ali Baba Najafi
25. Shapour Sourinezhad
26. Ali Abbas Omrani
27. Boroumand A’zami
28. Golsha Avaza
29. Amir Aqa-Jani
30. Marzia Andalibi
31. Vali Mohammad Pir-Hayati
32. Shahnaz Maqsoudi
33. Hassan Vandaee
34. Fatima Sanaee
35. Gorji Bavnadpour

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