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Backing MKO a gross insult to all Iranian people

First of all we should see the real facts which exist in the political atmosphere in Iran, Europe and Western countries about the PMOI. It is better to begin with a substantial question which contains many ambiguities which has surrounded public opinion about PMOI.
Why do western and European countries persist in supporting PMOI? Why is such a terrorist organization so important for foreign countries? Is it because of PMOI’s slogans, ‘democracy and freedom for Iranian people’ or is it because of their popularity among Iranian people?
I am not a politician but as an Iranian and as a victim of this cult (Rajavi Cult ) it is my right to ask those politicians either European or American, why are you supporting an organization which is cursed and abject among Iranian people? Why have you closed your eyes and your ears to the facts revealed by many witnesses who had been members of this organization for many years? I am a live witness who had spent more than two decades of my life in that organization. I am a real witness of their atrocities toward Iraqi and Iranian people. I am real proof of their violent and brutal internal relations. I have experienced all their savagery and brutality with my own flesh and bones for two decades. Why do not you allow me and others to share our experiences of their real entity and essence which is completely different than the thing which they endeavor to show and present in their external affairs by their professional agents?
This organization which you are supporting politically believes in violence and bloodshed and carnage. Their slogan and catchword is armed struggle. After the presidential election in Iran, we witnessed some unrest inside Iran which was totally and utterly peaceful and non violent. But the PMOI’s agents, who it sent specially to Iran, tried their best to beget bloodbath and carnage out of those peaceful demonstrations just for their organization sake. Many of those agents were arrested and confessed. Iranian people who stood up for their rights peacefully demanded their needs and demands from Iranian politicians peacefully, and interestingly in none of those peaceful rallies and demonstrations they did not mention even once the name of this organization. The people of Iran fought 8 years against the invasion of Iraq to their soil, so how can they support and back the organization which fought shoulder to shoulder with Saddam Hussein’s army against them? How can Iranian people forgive and forget their full cooperation and collaboration with Saddam Hussein in killing their sons and daughters during 8 years destructive war? How can Iranian people support such a treacherous organization which gave vital military and civilian information to Saddam Hussein to utilize that information to bombard and missile Iranian cities and kill innocent people? In Iran it is very rare that we can find a family who has not lost one of their relatives in that war. While I was in this organization, Iraq was ruled by the dictator Saddam Hussein. During those days in Iraq, especially in 1990 and 1991, the leadership of PMOI ordered their National Liberation Army (NLA) to fully cooperate and collaborate with the Iraqi army in the suppression of Iraqi people who stood up against the savagery and brutality of their dictator Saddam Hussein. Massoud Rajavi the PMOI spiritual leader and NLA commander in chief was in complete coordination and cooperation with Saddam Hussein and his army as they were considered as Saddam’s private army. They both had very productive relations with each other. Saddam Hussein utilized the NLA in gaining vital military information from inside Iran by PMOI’s military invasions in Iranian territory as well as in suppression of the rebelling people of Iraq who were fed up with Saddam’s atrocities, and in return Saddam Hussein equipped them with different kinds of arms and tanks, armored vehicles, ammunition, heavy artillery and vast and miscellaneous military training which was taught by Saddam’s high ranking officers, colonels and brigadiers, even Saddam’s Presidential Guard who were professional and specialist in guerrilla warfare tactics, gave a lot of guerrilla training to the members of this organization.
Now I take you to the PMOI’s internal relations in their garrisons and military bases throughout Iraq. It is first worth mentioning that all those garrisons and military bases were given to PMOI leadership as a gift in relation to their espionage services and military cooperation with Saddam Hussein’s army and his notorious intelligence service. In their internal relations we were under severe religious indoctrination and brainwashing methods every single day. The PMOI Leadership Council was in charge of brainwashing and indoctrination of all members. We were forced to accept Rajavi as our spiritual leader, and we had to obey him and his orders without any doubt. Any question and ambiguity toward his position and his orders and his political and ideological analysis were considered to be a deadly sin and no one dared to open his thoughts against him and his ideas, because of the awful consequences. The PMOI Leadership Council tried its best to force us to accept him and his wife, Maryam Rajavi, as holy leaders who were God appointed and God sent. We had to accept and believe that Massoud Rajavi and his wife were totally saint-like and sinless and no one dared to criticize their position or their orders. We had to accept and cave in to everything they were telling us without any rejection or objection. The PMOI leadership during years of treachery and treason in cooperation with the Iranian people’s enemy, Saddam Hussein, little by little converted to a religious cult. Rajavi tried his best to deceive his members by brainwashing them to believe that they were invincible and untouchable. He was preaching that each Mojahed could fight with 100 Iranian soldiers and guards. He was encouraging his members to persevere and fight till the end. But he and his wife, Maryam, were the first who escaped from their so called battlefield, Iraq, when the political and military situation turned against Saddam Hussein and his government. And their escape substantiated that all those sermons and war cry were just brainwashing and indoctrination methods to keep all those members captive in Rajavi’s cultic ideology, to stay in Iraq and die for him and his wife. Both Rajavi and his wife, Maryam, were preaching that Massoud Rajavi will guide each and every Mojahed to Paradise after their death. The Leadership Council even insisted on the doctrine that Massoud Rajavi is the same as Imam Hussein and that Maryam is the same as Hazrat Zeynab.
It is very strange for me to see that despite all kinds of crimes that this organization has committed during three decades, some American politicians and their European counterparts still support them and try to delist them from the terrorist list. I have heard many times directly from PMOI spiritual leader, Massoud Rajavi, in general gatherings in different garrisons and bases that everything said and posed by the PMOI external affairs’ agents in foreign countries such as USA and European countries are just political propaganda to be supported and backed by superpowers for gaining political power in Iran. And after that the PMOI will show its real face which is totally against USA and European countries, because in their real ideology and beliefs, which are purposely hidden, the USA is considered as the real obstacle which obstructs the Third World countries from making progress. In the PMOI ideology, the only way to get rid of this obstacle is by the utter annihilation and destruction of USA. For that reason the PMOI leadership after the fall of Saddam Hussein government ordered the PMOI members to destroy and burn all the books and newspapers, magazines, documents, even the PMOI archives which had any trace of their real opinion and thoughts about USA.
At the time of 9/11, while the twin towers in New York were annihilated by terrorists and as a result thousands men and women lost their lives, the PMOI leadership ordered a huge gathering in Bagherzadeh Garrison in Baghdad to celebrate that catastrophic event. I was there in that gathering and I saw with my own eyes as the PMOI leadership Massoud and Maryam Rajavi ordered all their members to celebrate, and Massoud Rajavi said during that meeting, “I said [before] that the USA is just a paper tiger and someday it will be destroyed utterly by the revolutionary people and today [9/11] is just the beginning.”
Despite of all the evidence and witnesses to the real entity of PMOI and its destructive ideology the only reason which crosses my mind why are they supporting the PMOI is that the PMOI is utilized as a bargaining chip vis-a-vis Iran. I am sure that all the politicians who know this organization are totally aware that this organization does not have any capability to overthrow the Iranian regime, because of the following reasons:
1. The average age of PMOI members is over 50 years old.
2. The lack of leadership in PMOI, because their spiritual leader is in hiding and he is not in control of his organization anymore.
3. The vast and profound dissent and discord among its members about the lies which their leaders have told them for many years just to keep them there.
4. The PMOI is too cursed among Iranian people living either in Iran or in foreign countries to be a political opposition.
5. Their criminal records in Iran, Iraq and even against American military advisers in 70’s.
So the question which remains is that while aware of all these facts which I mentioned above, why is the PMOI utilized as bargaining chip? I think the answer to this question is very clear. The PMOI cannot overthrow the Iranian regime by any means and for that reason the PMOI leadership decided to connect itself to the Superpower to ask them for the same thing that Saddam Hussein did for them for two decades. They think that by becoming a mercenary like they were for Saddam Hussein, they will have a chance to gain power in Iran. And this idea has been understood by western politicians, that the PMOI by itself is nothing and is crippled like they were in the past, so they can be easily and cost free be exploited and used as a bargaining chip against Iranian regime and its nuclear agenda. There is no doubt that the Superpower and European countries are totally aware of the real entity of this organization and I am sure and confident that they do not even think that PMOI has the slightest chance in Iran’s future because of their treacherous past. But even supporting
PMOI tactically will be considered as a gross insult to all Iranian people and all the victims of this cult who lost all their lives in that cult for nothing.
The European and western countries should accept this concrete fact that PMOI is politically dead in Iran and the Iranian people who are looking for change in Iran’s politics hate this organization and in their opinion PMOI are considered as traitors and spies who turned their back on the Iranian people during Saddam Hussein’s military invasion of Iran and worse of all, gave him their full cooperation. In the end as an Iranian and a victim of this organization I ask everyone to stop supporting this dangerous religious cult and please do not gamble and bet on a dead horse.
Hassan Piransar/ an expert on Rajavi’s Cult

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