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MKO, BBC Trying to Spark Tension in Iran through Fake Reports

The anti-Iran terrorist Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO) and the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) have been in tight cooperation in recent months to fabricate and spread fake reports on Iran in a bid to spark tension and crisis in the country, a report said on Wednesday.

According to a report published by the website of the Habilian association – a human rights group formed of the family members and relatives of the Iranian victims of terrorism – the US and British radio and television networks, in an orchestrated move with the MKO, are desperately trying to spread fake and fabricated news to portray Iran as a country in tension and chaos.

The website added that the multifaceted cooperation has been broadened by the western media after their similar efforts to spark tension and unrests in Iran failed and led to the further unity among the Iranian nation.

The Habilian website added that in some cases the MKO members have sent out-dated pictures and footages of unrests in Iran or other neighboring countries to the BBC, trying to pretend that those footages had been taken from new unrests in Iran.

Earlier this month, reliable sources said that reports about the detention of opposition leaders by the Iranian government are false and have been fabricated and released by the members of the MKO in a move to stir unrests in Iran.[…]

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