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Why does no one deal with Mojahedin Khalq?

When witnessing Qaddafi’s behavior in the recent suppressing of the Libyan , we remember that of Saddam. Even in recruiting mercenaries (from African countries neighboring Libya)—Saddam did something similar. Perhaps Gaddafi has adopted Saddam Hussein’s style. Seyyed Ammar Hakim, the Head of the Supreme Islamic Council of Iraq

We should bear in mind that Saddam Hussein hired mercenaries from terrorist groups, particularly from the MEK, those who were hired to kill, torture and harass the Iraqi people and who settled in prosperous military townships. Unfortunately, they are still in Iraq even 8 years after the overthrow of Saddam Hussein, for no specific reason, living in the townships of Saddam Hussein who prepared them for their use. No one seems to ask why members of the group that attacked Iraqis and tortured people remain under a protective umbrella in the Ashraf camp, and are responsible for nothing. They were not even prosecuted for the crimes committed in Iran and Iraq.

In contrast, Imam Hussein pilgrims from Iran and Afghanistan, with the love of Imam Hussain (PBUH) and visiting Iraq, have been captured and now have been kept in jail for a long time. These pilgrims entered the country without a visa, then they were tried and imprisoned: this justification for their arrests is accurate and fair, but the question is why are the MEK free to walk the streets of the country and have all amenities in their camps? The facilities provided in the camps since Saddam’s time are amenities of which Iraqi citizens are deprived in many cities.

Some time ago, an Afghan diplomatic delegation came to me and asked me to do something for some Afghan pilgrims who entered the country illegally, were arrested, and now are in jail. They claimed that those people were women, children and the elderly who could not tolerate and endure in prison. The problem is not why the government treats people who entered the country illegally in such a manner, but why the MEK, a legacy left by the Baathist regime, having not only no benefit to the country but also damaging it with harassment and political costs for the Iraqi government and people, still remain in the country and no one has the right to protest their presence. They have exploited this situation and created many inconveniences for Iraqi citizens.

While there are dozens of reasons and documents that prove these people (MEK) have participated in the assassination of Iraqis and also in the Baathists and al Qaeda bombings in recent years, for those actions judicial orders have been issued but none have been executed. Why are they not submitted, while Iraqi courts put the emphasis on the crimes and issue orders for their detention and their punishment, and yet why does no one execute the sentences issued against them? Their crimes are underlined in the court to be dealt with carefully in an organized manner. It is a pity that Iraqi citizens are being prosecuted with judicial verdicts, but dozens of criminals of the MEK, whose verdicts have been issued, are not prosecuted.

Seyyed Ammar Hakim, the Head of the Supreme Islamic Council of Iraq

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