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Prevent MKO from committing further crimes against women

Association for defending Victims of Terrorism sent a letter to Ms. Michelle Bachelet, the Executive director of UN Women to congratulate her appointment as the chair of this new Executive Director of UN Womenestablishment and felicitate the International day of Women and also call for taking immediate measures for the administration of women’s rights.

Dear Ms. Michelle Bachelet:

Executive Director of UN Women
Over many decades history has witnessed much oppression against women all over the world. The extent of the violation of women’s rights is by no means tolerable and forgivable. The efforts made for the administration of women’s rights nowadays, are really valuable and praiseworthy. With the establishment of the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women as the main international authority for protecting women’s rights, we would certainly observe great measures for ending oppression and discrimination against women.

Ms. President,
Congratulating you for your appointment as the Executive Director of UN Women entity and felicitating the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day, association for Defending victims of Terrorism wishes the best for you. ADVT believes that establishment of this international body and your presidency over it, has brought about hope in the heart of those seeking for freedom and fight against inhuman approaches against women.

Ms. President,
You would certainly confirm that despite all the efforts made in this regard, still there are many women who undergo violence and discrimination just for being a female. Meanwhile, the approaches adopted by some cults against women are the source of the worst types of oppression against them. By taking a look at the nature of some terrorist cults, you would find crimes against this gender which cannot be found anywhere else.

Based on international reports and documents and the confessions of Mojahedin-e Khalq’s (MKO/MEK/PMOI) defected members, this terrorist cult is one of the worst violator of women’s rights. In international documents including the Human Rights Watch report of May 2005, the RAND report of October 2008, the report of the German Federal Office for the Protection of constitution and the US Congress report in 1994, as well as the annual reports of the US Department of State, the violation of human rights especially women’s rights by this sect have been asserted. This cult is considered a threat for the global security in all these documents.

The issue which has raised many concerns is the way of treating women in this cult. In fact, the leaders of this terrorist cell have deprived their female members from the rights of marriage, having child, loving their family members, using cosmetics or choosing their own way of life. The surprising point is that women even do not have the right to think about the opposite gender and the violators of this law would deserve prison and punishment.

The terrorist cult of MKO has assassinated more than 12000 Iranians including 100 women and 870 children. We, the families of terrorism victims try our best efforts to prevent from further murders by this cult and find a way for the freedom of the women and children imprisoned by this group; the members of MKO, both men and women, are victims of the ambitious goals of their leaders.

In a report issued by American National Defense Institute (RAND) you read:” As a part of the “ideological revolution,” the Rajavis mandated divorce and celibacy. Compulsory divorce required couples to place their wedding rings in a bowl and renounce their affections for one another. However, The rules did not apply to the leaders.

In addition to their geographic and ideological isolation, MeK members in Iraq are severely socially and emotionally isolated, even within their communal living arrangements. Relatives and former spouses are placed in different compounds and are not allowed to see each other. Prior to the U.S. , invasion of Iraq in 1991, children were sent to live with foster families in Europe, ostensibly to protect them from the impending invasion.

Despite the MeK’s claim to support gender equality and the placement of women in leadership roles, men and women are kept strictly apart in MeK camps. Housing is segregated by gender, and in other buildings, lines are painted down the middle of hallways, separating them into men’s and women’s sides.

The MeK holds daily, weekly, and monthly “sessions” that involve forced public confessions aimed at expelling deviant thoughts and behaviors that are believed to undermine group coherence. MeK members are required to keep daily records of their thoughts and nighttime dreams, particularly sexual thoughts and desires

Revealing the sufferings of the families of terrorism victims in Middle East, Association for Defending Victims of terrorist intends to prevent the innocent men and women from being deceptively recruited by terrorist groups like al-Qaeda and Mojahedin-e Khalq. The deplorable situation of 1000 female residents of Ashraf Camp hurts the hearts of all liberals and women’ rights supporters. Therefore, we would like to ask your Excellency to immediately take the necessary steps for returning the imprisoned women of MKO to the heart of their society and family and avoid their further brain washing and mind manipulation by the cruel leaders of MKO.

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