Prevent CIA and MEK from treating people as gladiators

Interesting developments are taking place in Albania. A document which the MEK is forcing people to sign before they are taken to Ashraf Three (the new isolated camp north of Tirana) has been published by Iran Interlink.

The document has all kinds of commitments in it.

MEK members must say they are voluntarily going to Ashraf Three. They are committed to violent regime change (sarneguni). They accept that MEK membership is for life and they cannot leave. They reject the bourgeoisie lifestyle of the West and will not be tempted by it. They are committed to Maryam’s Revolution (which means celibacy and childlessness).

There has been a very negative backlash against this document inside the MEK. This is why it has been made public.

Someone who left because of this brought it out and sent it to us. They will be named in due course.

The families of MEK have made urgent appeals to Albanian officials and the UN asking them to intervene to prevent the CIA and MEK from using these people as gladiators. It doesn’t match with any human rights that you use people against their will as slaves, they say.

Source: Iran Interlink weekly digest



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