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Tell the U.S. Government to Say NO to Mujahedin Khalq

Sometime in August, Secretary Clinton will decide whether to keep the Mujahedin-e Khalq on the US’s terrorist list. This is a decision that will have significant implications for the Iranian-American community, the United States and the people of Iran.

Members of NIAC have urged us to speak out, because delisting the Mujahedin would undermine the peaceful Iranian pro-democracy movement . It would threaten the free voices of the Iranian-American community in the US. And it would allow the Mujahedin to receive US funding and become a powerful force in support of war with Iran, just like the Iraqi exiles who deceived us into war with Iraq did.

Supporting terrorists and replacing Iranian regime with an undemocratic cult that tortures its own members is a recipe for disaster.

Former senior U.S. officials have called Mujahedin “Iran’s hope.” They have said Mujahedin leader Maryam Rajavi “should be recognized as the President of Iran.” Some have already acknowledged received cash to support the organization.

In Congress, massive lobbying efforts have convinced many that Mujahedin is the “main opposition in Iran” and that the Mujahedin speaks for the Iranian people and the Iranian-American community.

It’s time to set the record straight.
Tell Congress, the State Department, and the Justice Department: the Mujahedin does NOT speak for the Iranian-American community and does NOT represent Iran’s peaceful democratic movement.

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