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What would Iran look like if the Mojahedin-e Khalq were its government?

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What would Iran look like if the Mojahedin-e Khalq were its government?

They are quite controversial, and many documentaries and news sources describe this group as a cult, not just a militant political group. It also says it wants secularism, even though all its female members are forced to wear hejabs.

If you know the group well, do you think they would truly uphold democracy if succeeding in taking power in Iran, or would they attack and kill everyone with opposing viewpoints? Is this another of these types of groups that would make a country resemble North Korea if given power? What explains all the female members having to wear hejabs, including its leader Maryam Rajavi?

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Sam Sinai who has introduced himself as a theoretical biologist who went to school in an Islamic country writes:

Bring Islamic Nazis to Iran? What? They are an absolute disgrace for anyone to associate with. Unfortunately western politicians occasionally do. (De-listing, refers to de-listing as terrorists). [1]

They are one of the most dictatorial, brutal, opportunistic, ideologically dangerous cults that exist in the 21st century. I don’t know of any organization that is more capable of replicating Nazis. I mean just look at their logo, it’s just an amalgam of extremes.

They have a self-appointed supreme leader, elected for life, a ‘president-elect’, that happens to be the wife of the supreme leader, also appointed for life. How did he marry her? He ordered everyone in the camp to divorce their wives, and then went ahead and hand picked the widow he was attracted to. Then he chose her as president, and they all call her the president-elect of the Iranian people! God bless the Islamic republic, at least we can half-elect someone there.

They helped Saddam Hussein, during the Iran-Iraq war, specifically providing information for the locations that Saddam used chemical weapons on. They then attacked Iran themselves, and lost.

They buy politicians in the west with HUGE sums of money that they force their members to pay. They collect homeless (by offering food) at their annual gatherings in NYC to aggrandize their perceived support.

Every member follows the instructions to the dot, without questioning. Those who don’t are bullied and abused, if not tortured. Those who escape the camps are never safe. They take orphan children to their camps and brain-wash them to use them as fighters. They refuse to leave their military camps in Iraq, because they want to keep the environment for their fighters isolated from reality.

Their ideology is communism and Islam tied together with a military flavor. Their game-plan is to overtake the government by military force, and their claim is that they will rule ‘only for 6 months’ to stabilize things, and then they would be open to elections (saying this to get sympathy from the west). No s***, why not just have an election to begin with?  Because they won’t plan on leaving power.

If they were to rule Iran, the officials will look like this:

Doesn’t it remind you of North Korea-Saddam hybrid? it should, or I am not doing my job right.

Islamic laws would be interpreted and executed as the leader wished, much less collectively than in the Islamic republic. The communistic side means a huge, dictatorial style government. A huge blood bath, from every "traitor’s" blood.

The current half-democracy will turn into absolute tyranny. People will run for their lives and try to escape to other countries. Some areas will attempt to declare independence.

NO, just no, please. I don’t even want to imagine.

[1]John Bolton Shockingly Denies Being a ‘Terrorist Supporter’

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Another user of the Quora says:

Oh my !!!!!…. That would be the worst disaster and misery for Iran, even much worse than the current government. They believe they can do ANYTHING to reach their goals, no matter how many innocent people die or suffer. They united with Iraqis and attacked their own motherland!!!!!!!….. I believe they are absolutely terrorists. Besides, their system is dictatorship, even more strict and scary than the current government. I have heard that in Ashraf Camp in Iraq, they were not allowed to question anything or discuss anything or contact anyone out of the camp or watch TV or listen to Radio (except their own programs!) and they never were allowed to leave the camp or change their minds about staying there. Also men and women couldn’t( and cant yet) contact, even talk to each other.

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Farshid Palad, writes:

Something like the parts of Afghanistan that are in control of the Taliban. Life would have been terrible for Iranians.

Other examples include Iraq under Saddam’s rule or the current North Korea but less advanced.

You would definitely fear for your life. A different point of view? Killed instantly. No question asked.


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