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Mojahedin-e Khalq after 46 years

The ridiculous show of holding a party congress and choosing the general secretary of the Mojahedin Khalq (MKO, MEK, Rajavi cult)

According to information received from inside the Ashraf cultic garrison, the leaders of the MEK

Massoud Rajavi, the totalitarian self-imposed life-long leader of the MEK

had made a huge investment on being removed from the US list of foreign terrorist organizations (FTO) and believed this would be their guarantee for survival as long as their internal crisis are concerned. In this regard the Rajavi cult had spent enormous amount of money on this campaign.

The latest internal news informs us that the officials of the MEK inside Ashraf garrison clearly said among themselves that the MEK’s base in Iraq can no longer survive since an internal revolt is inevitable.

They suggested that the only way to get out of this adversity is to divert attention away from inside problems and concentrate on the US list of FTOs to come out of it and show it as a great victory.

The MEK leaders know full well that contrary to their claim, to be or not to be in the list does not strategically make much difference in their destiny since they are already in a fatal deadlock and they have no way out of it. The use of propaganda and publicity over the list of FTO is to retain the disappointed members both inside Ashraf garrison and those in the western countries, and to keep them busy. The struggle to be removed from the FTO list has no strategic value and is only a pastime for the members.

After not succeeding in being de-proscribed in the USA, which the MEK badly needed in order to impose control over the unhappy members, a new wave of discontentment arose among the members and supporters. The result which the organization hoped to gain after spending huge amounts of money and manpower turned out to be the opposite. According to the information received, the members particularly those in Ashraf garrison are increasingly discontented and protesting.

Since the Rajavi cult always thinks of organizing a demonstration or show whenever they are in a deadlock in order to keep the minds of the members busy and diverted from the main subject, this time they thought of forming a sham party congress and internal elections to choose the so-called general secretary of the MEK. The organization also decided to publicize the matter by paid propaganda in order to cover up the defeat in the campaign of being removed from the FTO list.

The MEK has made up a lot of fabricated lies in this regards and therefore we, the former members and the families of the present members of the Rajavi cult, feel obliged to clarify a few matters in order to counter the misinformation circulated by the MEK leaders.

1. The Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization is a destructive mind control cult (which fits exactly with the definitions expressed by the experts) and has never had a democratic structure within which to have a party congress and inside elections. Holding a party congress and choosing a general secretary has always been purely formalistic in order to deceive public opinion and the politicians.

2. The totalitarian self-imposed life-long leader of the cult is Massoud Rajavi who has appointed his wife as his successor. All decisions small and large are made by him personally and he considers himself the absolute owner of the cult and its members. Therefore the title of general secretary for any other person is nothing but a disgusting deception.

3. Inside the MEK, titles such as political bureau, central committee, central council, executive board, and leadership council are totally formalities and such bodies either do not exist or have no role in decision making.

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