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MKO Camp inhabitants seek refugee status from Europe

Chief of Iraqi foreign policy commission Sheikh Humam Hammudi in a meeting on Monday with the Secretariat of Habilian institute said inhabitants of Ashraf camp sought refugee status from Iraqi official says MKO Camp inhabitants seek refugee status from EuropeEurope and Australia.

He told Mohammad Javad Hasheminejad (Head of Habilian Association in Iran) that inhabitants of the camp have embarked on high profile interaction with European and Australian ambassadors to Baghdad seeking refugee status from them.

Hammudi reiterated that Iraqi state and nation unanimously want to expel MKO members from Iraq or at least to remove them from Iran-Iraq border line.

He said they also are getting in touch with some prominent clan leaders of Iraq to stay more in Iraq.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has offered the Ashraf camp inhabitants to come home without any conditions.

Habilian institute is a Tehran-based Non-Government Organization offering safe living conditions for members of Mujahedeen Khalq Organization who opted to come home.

Iran granted amnesty for MKO members except for those who committed terror operations and have criminal charges in the court of justice.
IRNA, October 17 2011

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