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MKO’s bloody plan to leave Camp Ashraf

Everyone knows that the end year 2011 is the final deadline for the Mujahedin Khalq Organization’s stay in Iraqi soil where the group has occupied a 16000 –square meter area that MKO’s bloody plan to leave Camp Ashrafhas housed 3400 men and women. The group has played as a political actor for decades both before and after the fall of Baath regime, by making relations with Iraqi and European politicians and paying bribes to them. Now, we should think of weather the organization intends to leave Iraqi soil after thirty years or not?

To answer the question, I doubtlessly say:”Never”, because of my various conversations with over ten former members of the MKO. Following those talks I came into horrible conclusions.

There is a building called No.34 that houses Massoud Rajavi, according to former members including Abolfazl Fereidooni and especially Mrs. Maryam Sanjabi who had been a member of the Leadership Council of the MKO. My doubt vanished when I talked with Ali Qezel Qarshi. Mehdi Naderi and Shahram Heidary a few weeks ago. They said that the organization had ordered them to defend that building to the last breath. They even told them to defend it Ashura-Style [referring to Imam Hussein’s Martyrdom].

Some of former members also speak of underground tunnels and basements of the mentioned building. I can courageously say that the MKO’s arms are kept there. For instance, I quote from Mr. Ali Qezel Qarshi : ” in one case I saw more than 20 different types of arms such as mortar Kelashnikov ,after sometime I asked about those arms but I was told that they were given to Iraqi forces. I exactly knew that were never handed over to Iraqi forces.

Other former members speak of digging ditches in the camp and of making cold weapons in order to slow the move of Iraqi forces. Meanwhile they launch a propaganda attack against Iraqi government and create a massacre.[all former members],unanimously believe that the MKO does not intend to go and doesn’t hesitate to victimize all members to fulfill this objective.

Camp Ashraf is highly important to the group and to prove it, one can refer to some of Maryam Rajavi’s recent speeches in which she asserts Camp Ashraf as the most important strategic point for the organization and the MKO does not leave it at all.

To pressure Iraqi government, the MKO pays large amounts of money to European officials including Lord Corbett and the mayor of Ouver Sur d’Oise in France, some US senators and also some Iraqi officials with links to former Baath regime. They gathered signatures from some of our deceived Sunni countrymen. Iraqi Council of tribes issued a statement calling Iraqi government, United Nations and Red Cross to grant guarantee letters to save lives and properties of the group members. Besides, they collected some signatures of European civilians under the cover of human rights to disguise the MKO’s face.

False propaganda is absolutely one of the most important weapons used against the Iraqi government by the MKO. As it happened several months ago, some fanatic members of the group will commit suicide to instigate people’s emotions and then they will put the accusation on the Iraqi government for their killing and everything will take place by the side of building No.43 where the blood of murderers and innocents will mix. …

Alray Alam, Al waa΄ on December28,2011-  Translated by Nejat Society

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