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PA’s top UN envoy: MKO supporters looking for money

Palestine’s top envoy to the UN Ibrahim Khraishi said the terrorist Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO) never has a place in Palestine and those supporting them are only "looking for the money" they are promised to receive from the terror cell.

"He has a bad reputation among people, and furthermore, he has had no place in any government position for several years," Khraishi told Habilian when asked about the reason behind Former PA Chief Justice of the Religious Court Sheikh Tayseer Al-Tamimi’s support for the terrorist group.

"Al-Tamimi left a detestable face among Palestinians by receiving big bucks and taking part in their various meetings," added Khraishi.

Ibrahim Khraishi expressed surprise at the large number of terror victims in Iran, and said, "I was shocked to know that your country has more than 17000 terror martyrs."

"I’ve never thought that such a (great) number of terror victims would be in Iran."

"I believe a strong and powerful Iran is not a threat to the countries in the region," said Khraishi.

"Owing to the presence of countries such as the United States, friendship and unity among all the countries in the region is needed for sustaining power."

The Palestinian envoy underlined his country’s opposition to the targeting of citizens and ordinary people, and added, "Accordingly, we and our receptive government stand opposed to any terrorist act against people, because we are fighting for peace and freedom."

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