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MKO cult leader, imposes conditions for releasing his hostages

The respected MeK dissidents nowadays have reported receiving letters from Ashraf residents who are seeking to exit the camp but they have problems, the most important is the thorny blanktreating of the MeK leadership.

Rajavi has declared to the forces who sought departure that if they announce that they are”frightened”,”desperate”, and”regretful of fighting with the regime”, he would let them to leave the camp through three ways:

1. Betimes he introduces them to an Iraqi police station.

2. Each individual’s family to come and remove him/ her.

3. After lifting the siege and in possible time, they would be allowed to go out to everywhere, provided that until then they must totally adhere to the organization and avoid”putting obstacle”.

For all these scenarios, MeK leadership has put the condition that exit accomplishment depends on”not being contaminated and associated with the regime”. However, he had already designated Iraqi police and the families as the Iranian government’s agents that attending them is an unforgivable sin and is deserving execution.

It means that the forces who seek departure actually have no option except choosing the third way and waiting until the leadership decides to evacuate the camp. Up to that time, based on the commitment to the group, they have no right to protest (or what is called”putting obstacle”in the cult).

Also, MeK supervisors in Camp Ashraf are fantasizing insecurities and risks that threaten each of the forces outside the camp, in order to expand the Atmosphere of inanition and panic of going out.

Now, it seems that MeK leadership instead of alarming the troops about the enemies, who are standing in lines at the Ashraf gates, should struggle with the force uprising within the gates.

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