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HR Minster confirms the removal of 100 MEK from Iraq

Iraq’s Human Rights Minister, Mohamed Shaya Sudani, said on Wednesday that one hundred Al Sabah News Papermembers of the Mojahedin-e Khalq had been removed from Iraq at their own request.

On the sidelines of a joint press conference with Martin Kobler, Sudani told Al Sabah, "The winding up of the agreement between the ministry and the United Nations includes the removal of members of the MEK from the country. They are being moved gradually from Diyala to Baghdad, in order to keep this agreement on track… HR Minster confirms the removal of 100 MEK from Iraq

Sudani pointed out that "the transfer process was being interspersed with interviews of individual members by the High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in order to ascertain their choice to voluntary return to their country of origin or to apply for asylum for any country in the world; this resulted in the transfer of some 100 of them to other countries". Sudani warned that "the transfer of MEK members from one place to another part of the country is not a final solution to the problem and is not compatible with human rights standards. Because they are not accepted by the international community their stay in Iraq is being prolonged, which is incompatible with the laws in force and the new policy in the country and the government’s decision to expel them from Iraq."

He explained that "no organization or party has accurate statistics on the number present in the camp, either before the transfer or now. This is the responsibility of the international community, as members of the organization prevented entry of any party, whether government or non-governmental, to the camp to undertake an accurate count of the numbers either when they were under the American administration or the government of Iraq…"

Wafaa Amer, Al Sabah Newspaper, Translated by Iran Interlink

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