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Iraqi President Confirms the Expulsion of MKO

Mr. Jalal Talebani once more confirmed the determination of Iraqi government on the issue of expulsion of MKO from his country.

In a meeting with Mr. Hasheminejad the president of Habilian Association, Mr.Talebani assured him that MEK has no place in Iraq. Mr. Hasheminejad is the representative of victims of MKO’s terrorism (the children of those who were martyred by MKO).

During the meeting Mr. Hasheminejad presents a report of the situation of the families who were victims of MKO terrorist operations. Mr. Talebani declaring his regret because of the presence of such a group in his country notified that MKO has cause a lot of damage in Iraq including its close cooperation with Saddam Intelligence Services and its direct relation with Saddam in order to commit crimes against Iraqi people.

Mr. Talebani added :" In their attack against Kurdistan, MEK caused much pain to the people, however the document of that invasion can be seen in the high price the MKO paid in Kurdistan, I mean the killing of several dozens of their fighters." he said:" During the last days of Saddam’s dictatorship when the groups of people were going on pilgrimage to Imam’s Shrines, MKO used the opportunity to serve Ba’ath Regime in those last moments and formed a group of mercenaries to kill the pilgrims.

Mr,Talebani declaring his regret again, stated that the group deserves the public and deep hatred which is in Iraqis’ hearts.

After such tragic events, the people and the government of Iraq demanded the expulsion of MKO from their territory. Therefore the Iraqi government has given a six-month deadline to them in order to leave Iraqi soil.

Habilian Association, December3,2006

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