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Ashraf Properties; Has MKO A Right to Claim?

MKO plans to leave Iraq with abundant sums it has hardly any right in its claiming

The first backlashes of Mojahedin Khlaq Organization MKO against the Iraqi Government’s decision to close camp Ashraf and expel its residents from the country were a variety of violent behavior and threatening tone. The first practical approach was to provoke the Iraqi forces, not acquainted with the group’s self-destructive tactics, to show a violent reaction to the residents’ protests. That was enough for the group to run a propaganda atmosphere in which they could express the members as oppressed victims and accordingly get some global support to put off the deadline for the closure of the camp and expulsion.

Despite inflicting casualties on the both sides, the violent approach proved to be a complete failure. But it did not take long when there came the news that MKO agreed to relocate to a temporary center near Baghdad “to prove genuine goodwill gesture for a peaceful solution”. Of course, it was the beginning of another story, a new round of inventing unreasonable excuses to delay relocation. However, on January 31, the UN Secretary General’s Special Representative, Martin Kobler, announced the readiness of the Temporary Transit Location TTL, the new camp, for the transfer of the residents and it was confirmed that the camp met human rights and humanitarian standards to house them. So far nearly half of the Ashraf residents have been transferred to TTL.
And MKO’s devise of the ploys change from day to day. These days it is heavily engaged in making and delivering a variety of statements in a new attempt to have its full control over Ashraf even after the evacuation of the residents. In a new statement, MKO has offered new suggestions which mean forging a compromise rather than making a threat. In a paragraph of the suggestions we read; ”It is necessary that, until arriving at a final solution of the issue, a multitude of individuals remain at Ashraf to safeguard the existing assets and belongings”.
No doubt, under this new pretext Rajavi intends to extend the control over Ashraf to the last days and have it in his possession. The solution of properties and assets at Ashraf is a legal issue to be solved under legal procedures as agreed in the signed MOU in 25 December 2011 and it is not bound to the conditions of agreement to relocation. Under the agreement, “The Government of Iraq permits the residents of Camp Ashraf to bring their individual belongings”. Assessing the real value of properties and belongings of MKO, for which MKO accuses the Iraqi government of not resolving the transferal of property that belongs to the residents of Ashraf, is not so simple an issue as the group has done beforehand. It is a secondary issue to deal with after relocation of residents.
To arrive at a solution of properties it requires interference and supervision of the UN and other concerned international bodies as well as representatives from among the Iraqi people. Not all the claimed properties and assets have a function of legal and civil purpose. Besides, many of the vehicles, instruments and machineries allocated to the group by the ousted dictator belong to Iraqi army and people living in the vicinity. The group should be reminded that it brought nothing when it came to Iraq and all it claims to have owned is out of the bundles of dollars Saddame allocated to it from the pocket of the poor Iraqi people when they needed the sums more than any other time.
It is not fair to let a terrorist cult long fed on Iraqis money accuse their government of seizing millions of dollars its sources and whereabouts are clear. It is not fair to let perpetrators of violence and mercenaries of a fallen dictator have their pockets filled by dollars of oppressed people when expelled and leaving the country. It is typical of the group to get the upper hand in any case. The relocation will end soon but it is already preparing for the next stage, to leave Iraq with abundant sums it has hardly any right in its claiming.

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