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MKO tries to set up a new garrison in Iraq

Leaders of the Munafeqin terrorist group (MKO) are trying to take a new building like Camp Ashraf in Iraq, says Mohammad Javad Hasheminejad.MKO tries to set up a new garrison in Iraq
Discussing the current degrading conditions of the terrorist group after their relocation from Camp Ashraf to Camp Liberty, Habilian Foundation Secretary-General Mohammad Javad Hasheminejad told YJC that the conditions at Camp Liberty are not similar to the ones at the notorious Camp Ashraf, since it restricted the activities of its members like a fence and there they were working in an organizational manner.

“Camp Liberty meets the necessary requirements, therefore according to the international rules and regulations the asylum seekers of the Camp should cut themselves off from the cultic affiliations,” added Hasheminejad.

Referring to MKO leadership propaganda campaign to misrepresent the conditions at Camp Liberty, Secretary-General of Habilian Foundation said the reason behind these misrepresentations is that “the conditions at Camp Liberty do not allow the members of the group to keep on their terrorist activities.”

Most of the members of the garrison are trying to defect from the terrorist group, so the leaders have announced that if a member of the group disobeys the orders of the terrorist group has to be removed.

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