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Why Should We Be Concerned about MKO?

MKO blatantly denounces Mr. Kobler for violating the red line drawn by the group

Once after hearing the killing of Osama bin Laden, the Indian Foreign Minister urged the international community to continue to work towards eliminating “safe havens” for terrorists in neighborhood: “The world must not let down its united effort to overcome terrorism and eliminate the safe havens and sanctuaries that have been provided to terrorists in our own neighborhood. The struggle must continue unabated”. Regardless of being manipulated by this state or that power as a threatening tool against any adversary government for whatever political reason, a terrorist group is a terrorist group carrying a certain global definition that has verifiably spread a shadow of nightmare over a society or retains the potentiality to repeat. Then, does any logic accept to listen to ungrounded carping and excuses made by a globally designated terrorist group whose members are desperately hopping and crying for a universal move to set them free? The predicament of MKO’s members is not different.

Why should the world be so concerned about the unreasonable demands of the leaders, not the members, of the terrorist cult of MKO? The unanimous global move to close its military bastion stationed in an outlying region of Iraq and to relocate its insiders to a location near the capital to have the whole structure under the control and to facilitate the process of expulsion seems to be a proper way not only to curb the threat of terrorism but also to expedite a humanitarian determination to liberate the insiders. And that is obvious that the group tries and plays many tricks and makes ungrounded excuses to thwart the global will and imped the process.

So it will not be strange to see or hear that MKO focuses its ire on somebody or some institution to brazenly force a party, regardless of any promises to cooperate, to copulate to its terrorist calls and demands. Do not believe it? Here is a most recent example. In a letter to the UN Secretary General and leaders of the US and the EU, a leading member of the group calling himself the representative of Ashraf and Liberty residents, expressed great concern over the trip of Mr. Kobler, the Special Representative of the UN Secretary General in Iraq (SRSG), to Iran. Does the trip of a ranking UN representative concern a terrorist group? You will be even more shocked to hear that he indirectly denounces Mr. Kobler for violating “the red line of drawing the Iranian regime in the dossier of its dissidents at Camp Ashraf and Camp Liberty”. Of course, the terrorist group is the one who has drawn the red-line and considers it a must policy for others to follow.

But it is not the whole story. In his letter, the mentioned representative implicitly rebukes Mr. Kobler for refraining to reply the letters of the group demanding for the details of his trip and “from providing a simple rebuttal of what was announced by the Iranian regime”. That is true that MKO typically moves on an ongoing path of forging some political weight it is totally deprived, but to warn a government and international bodies for any reason, concerning Mr. Kobler’s trip in this case, is the most blatant form of defiance against the unanimous decisiveness against the threats of a terrorist cult: “The Iranian Resistance strongly protests and warns the Government of Iraq and Special Representative of the UN Secretary General on any such matter”.

To draw a conclusion, as the affluence of MKO’s advocates for delisting a designated terrorist group overweight those calling for a united front to combat the threats of terrorism, as there is no united effort to overcome terrorism and eliminate its widespread safe havens and sanctuaries, then for the pleasure of the group and to avoid the consequence of its warnings, a suggestion seems working: the representatives of Iraqi government and other concerned international bodies confer with a MKO’s mission before taking any decision that might fret or enrage the organization.

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