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Dealing with Terrorism Conundrum in Iraq

The only rights to have been violated seem to be those of the terrorist MKO

The blight of terrorism cast on a society is enough to upset people’s life even if they are not direct targets of terrorist perpetrations. But despite the real and direct impact of terrorism on human rights and its devastating consequences on societies, the struggle of terrorist groups to enforce recognition of some rights on legal communities is far greater than that of the victims of terrorism to call for the protection of their rights in any way if they ever have any.

The flagrant violation of regulations by Mojahedin Khalq Organization MKO/MEK being overlooked, the Iraqi government and other international concerned auxiliary sides to peacefully settle the conundrum in Iraq has encountered never-ending complaints, demands and even warnings by the ringleaders. Even if the members of MKO were terrorist suspects, the Iraqi government considered their expulsion a preventive measure to protect its territory from individuals considered a security risk to the country and the nation. MKO, however, is not a suspect terrorist group but a globally blacklisted one acting as Saddam’s mercenaries in the era of his despotic rule over Iraq.

Neither exiles nor refugees, MKO is the most unwelcome leftover of Saddam’s tyranny whose expulsion the Iraqi government deems to be tantamount to a strict counter terrorism measure in a violence afflicted country. Since the fall of Saddam, The Iraqi government has been busy hunting down the remnants of his regime, with whom MKO has been undeniably reported to have established close connection. If fact, Camp Asharaf, under the protection of the coalition forces that left the internal control of the camp in the hands of the terrorists themselves, became a safe haven for a number of discontent insurgents and opponents loyal to Saddam or fed by external hands to prevent the advance of order and freedom in the country.

However, there is a widespread speculation that despite being blacklisted a terrorist group; multitudes of its members have been deceived into joining the group advertised as a freedom fighter or the starting platform devoted to provide an easy, successful life in European countries. In reality, most of them are vulnerable individuals of a society and victims of a general naivety that terrorist groups and cults take advantage of them to recruit and enslave. Needless to say that a universal consensus confirms, according to undeniable evidences revealed by the defected members of MKO, the painful and bitter truth that MKO is absolutely a terrorist cult of personality run by the wife-husband Rajavies.

The Iraqi government is actually acting to accomplish two indispensable jobs simultaneously by its decision to expel MKO; to uproot the possible threat of a foreign terrorist group and to unshackle the enslaved insiders of a terrorist cult. It is a universal responsibility to help Iraqi government in the task to fulfill. Whilst the rights of the Iraqi government have to be recognized at the regional level, they have not so far been fully protected on the international plane, to provide for the nation an opportunity of enjoying an unprejudiced, peaceful and secure life, it offers an opportunity to the trammeled insiders of MKO to regain their freedom.

But, alas, the policy of appeasement has emboldened MKO to refuse accomplishment of a justified sine qua non. The only rights to have been violated seem to be those of the terrorist MKO; it freely holds rallies and gatherings in the heart of European countries, as held on June 23 in Villepinte, Paris, confidently accusing the US of shirking to remove its terrorist tag and calling for the protection of its bastion in Iraq. But hardly anything serious has been done yet to protect the violated rights of a nation calling to have their home free of violence and disorder. And hardly any ear has heard the desperate cries of help from within the cult that simply fad out in the propaganda ado of MKO.

By N. Morgan

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