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Maryam Rajavi, Leader of MKO Cult Is Lying

Open letter of Mr. Karim Gholami to Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton

I ,as one of the former officials and authorities of the people’s mujahedin organization of Iran whoKarim Gholami have 25 years record of heavy injuries in this organization and for more than 24 years I have been forcibly using the wheelchair , would like to draw your attention to the situation of the patients as well as injured people in this organization , because recently , Maryam Rajavi and the people’s mujahedin organization by announcements and attending to the security officials of the camp Liberty and by creating different pretexts and excuses like building roads for the patients and injured people and the ridiculous plan of planting trees , are looking for creating more excuses to buy time to convert the Liberty camp to a new Ashraf camp. Truly , you specified a deadline for the closure and evacuation of Ashraf camp because according to the leaders of the people’s mujahedin organization ¨any logic word and cooperation is a sign of weakness¨ for that reason , they do not cooperate by no means , the only logic that the leaders of this organization understand is the language of power.
Becoming more informed about the situation of the captives specially the patients and the injured people in people’s mujahedin organization , I would like to draw your attention to the following topics :

1. The people’s mujahedin organization is a cultic organization which its members do not have any option and authority to make decision . the Iranian people who are captive in this organization , have been deprived of having any access to the media and the press for many years. The members of this organization have been deprived of having any access to the preliminary facilities like Radio , Television , Telephone, Internet, and newspaper . the news which is given to these members , are all censored and chosen by the cult leadership ,for this reason the members of this cult do not have any knowledge about their rights and international laws to decide deliberately and freely .

2. The leaders of this cult by political strangulation and severe suppression inside of the organization and by insult and threat against all the separated members has created severe fear inside the organization so the members of the cult ,by the fear of the separating punishment , do not dare to leave the organization. the members who want to separate will be confronted with the severe punishments like holding the brainwashing sessions for them and beating them up in those sessions and in continuation ,prison and torture and even in some cases the dissidents were disappeared and executed .

3. This cult brainwashes its members by different methods . one of these methods is the long brainwashing sessions . this cult during many years and by repetitive sessions has filled its members’ brains with lots of lies and rumors , the lies like this ¨any person who separate from the organization , he or she will be followed and chased by the Iranian intelligence service as well as the Iraqi government and will be incarcerated, tortured , and executed , for this reason the members of this cult because of their fear for their lives , do not dare to leave this cult .

4. From 2003 to 2009 the Ashraf camp was under the supervision and control of the American army and they were helping them by giving medication, medical facilities and fuel and foodstuff, but none of those items mentioned above reached to the hands of the members of this cult . those items either were sold in the Iraq black market or was in monopolization of the cult leaders. For instance I programmed a database for the Ashraf garrison’s pharmacy . during one year I was supposed to work on this database in the mentioned pharmacy . I witnessed many times that the big boxes in 2-cubic meter full of medicine and medication were delivered to this pharmacy by the US army , but during all these years I had not seen any of those medicines and medications in the hands of the members of this cult and the leaders of this cult were telling to their sick members that ¨the Iraqi government does not allow us to receive those medicines and medications and for that reason we do not have any medicine to give you !¨

5. The death of the patients and the wounded of this cult as a result of the lack of treatment : I would like to draw your attention to the health situation of the two of my friends , the first one Mr. Abbas Haj Husseini who in one of the cult military operations in 1988 got wounded by a bullet in his Cervical Spinal Cord and he got paralyzed , Abbas always wanted to go to Europe to be treated and cured but the leaders of this cult not only did not pay attention to his request , but also as I saw twice he was threatened by the leader of this cult ,Massoud Rajavi , to be handed over to the Iranian government. The first time was in 1995 and the second time was in 2002 , but unfortunately as a result of the lack of attention and treatment , he died and was buried in pmoi cemetery called Ghatayeh Morvarid( The Pearl) in Ashraf.
My second friend , Mr. Farhad……… who in one of the pmoi military operations in 1986 got wounded by a bullet in his Lumbar Spinal Cord and he got paralyzed . Farhad always wanted to leave this cult but the leaders of this cult rejected his request every time and finally in 2008 as a result of the foot bone fracture and the lack of treatment ,his foot got infected and he died.

6. In all the announcements ,the pmoi leaders have claimed that their members are forced to evacuate their properties in the hot weather of Iraq by their hands and they have requested the appropriate tools such as lift-truck and……etc ,all those requests are just excuses and pretexts, because you do not see any lift-truck in Ashraf camp , the members of this cult were moving the goods and heavy stuffs by their hands for years. Under the hot weather of Iraq , the members of this cult had to work all day long ,and even the patients were not allowed to rest and each person had to work 18 hours a day . one of the forced labors was making the containers . working inside those containers which were made of metal during the hot summers of Iraq , was like working in the hell itself. The leaders of this cult do not care and do not pay attention to the well being and the health of their members specially the patients and injured by no means ,and the only thing which is important for them is to keep this cult alive as long as possible ,and convert the liberty camp to another prison like Ashraf .

According to the facts mentioned above , I am urging you to pay special attention to those patients and wounded ,and their juridical situation be prioritized ,so they can be able to have access to the doctor and medicine as soon as possible to prevent the death of many more.
The liberty camp is a temporary transit location and the people who are residing in there are not supposed to stay there for ever so planting trees , making new buildings ,and tools and the machinery requests are just to postpone the dismantling of this cult . I am urging you not to retreat vis a vis the pressures of the mujahedin’s leaders and put them under severe pressures to dismantle this retarded and religious cult , mujahidin organization, as soon as possible and for ever.
To help these people , first you should take them out of the cult perimeter ,so they can meet their medical needs and get familiar with their rights to make a decision for their future and life freely and consciously . in this regard I am ready to cooperate with you voluntarily and even, if it is necessary , I am ready to go to Iraq to help those people .

Karim Gholami, Iran Pen Association, Germay,

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