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MKO Assassins Activated

MKO Assassins Activated, MKO Critics Warn

After the fall of Saddam more than two years ago, those members of the Mojahedin-e Khalq organisation who were considered ‘useful’ to the organisation were clandestinely shipped to Europe, Canada and America. Some of these members have undergone extensive intelligence and guerrilla warfare training by the Intelligence services of Saddam Hussein, and many have over 20 years experience in their fields. These people have no regard for their own or other people’s lives and are ready to kill and die to order – they demonstrated this capacity when they staged self-immolations to protest the arrest of the cult leader Maryam Rajavi in 2003 in which two persons died and several others became permanently disabled.

The training which these people received from Saddam’s intelligence agents are as follows:

1-      Surveillance – general and specific, using sophisticated methods and equipment which is purchased and adapted according to their needs, including laser and other techniques of eavesdropping. They have been trained how to follow every movement of their unsuspecting victims over long periods of time.

2-      Making false ID and other documents. These are used to facilitate undetected movement of the agents, as well as using the false ID of their victim to undertake all kinds of activities (illegal, etc) which will get them tangled up with the authorities.

3-      Training in voice change in order to pretend to be someone else so they can debrief people over the telephone. They use this method to gather information about their victims and their surroundings.

4-      To arrange accidents (fatal or otherwise) to befall their victims.

5-      Creation of databases which can be cross linked. The data base is the most important source of information when they enter the "operational phase".

6-      Adaptation in the society in which they operate, and the use of available resources like making friends, forming connections with the police, connection with the authorities, connection with criminals so as to misuse them in the "operational phase".

7-      The ability to become a new person with a new identity and to lose all traces of their past after performing specific operations.

8-      Smuggling people, arms and other materials directly or with the use of local and international smugglers.

9-      Psychological methods of putting pressure on their victims in order to either unbalance them (to make them react and force illegal reactions) or to send a message of power so as to stop them from doing something or to make them do something.

10-     Suicide bombing, self immolation, terror acts using psychological methods as well as using specific drugs.

11-     Money laundry, illegal transactions, illegal transfer of money between countries, using bogus companies and establishments to misuse real banks and financial establishments for their aims.

12-     Infiltration of political parties, humanitarian organizations, etc, as well as recruiting people as agents in governmental and non governmental establishments.

13-     Interrogation and counter interrogation training.

We should remember that some of the people who have been shipped in to European countries have been trainers in their own field for many years.

Faced with the dismantling of the MKO’s military apparatus (Saddam’s Private Army) in Iraq, the organization restructured all its resources into its intelligence section and moved its HQ from Iraq to Europe. The MKO’s intelligence section’s HQ at this moment of time is in the city of Cologne (Germany), which now after two years, has a network of well established clandestine branches all over Europe, the USA and Canada. The covert connection and communications between these branches, the Cologne HQ and the overt base of the MKO in Auvers sur Oise (suburbs of Paris), are maintained only by persons traveling between these places (they do not use any emails or telephones – they even switch of their mobiles and take the batteries out when approaching their safe houses). Over the past two years the operational department of the intelligence section has evolved to its full potential and is now active in European countries carrying out the specific assignments given to them.

The assignments given to the MKO’s intelligence section HQ in Cologne to be carried out by its branches in every European country as well as the USA and Canada are as follows:

1-     to plan and execute operations against the disaffected members of the organization in order to stop them from exposing the organization’s past and present activities. The HQ has given an open hand to use all means necessary for this mission. The operation includes character assassination (sending leaflets to neighbors, place of work, children’s school, etc. annoying by telephone and mail, threatening families, performing illegal activities under their names, giving false evidence to the authorities, attracting the attention of the intelligence services of the host countries towards these victims, etc.), tying their hands in bogus court cases (through suing, arranging accidents and bringing other cases against them), and ultimately in special cases to arrange accidents and physical elimination of targets.

In the last few months we have seen cases of attempted kidnapping, (one such case is currently going through court procedures in Germany), beating and causing injury (in Netherlands) and many cases of leaflet dropping in the middle of the night against the targets (four cases in Germany and Sweden), character assassination by telephone and mail as well as personal approaches to the place of work, place of residence and the environment of the families of the victims, including children’s schools. We have also witnessed cases in which they have used telephone conversations using false names and identities, recording conversation and then adding and dropping things from them before sending them to the police to start some sort of investigation against the active disaffected members.

2-     Intelligence work on the Iranian community outside Iran, compiling and updating comprehensive databases. Surveillance and intelligence gathering against Iranian political opposition groups and personalities, especially outspoken critics of the organization, to create a file against them so that they could be blackmailed. These files are tailored according to their situation (adding false or dropping critical information in the middle of huge amounts of correct but unimportant information which has been gathered). This information is used first to inject into the security and intelligence agencies of the EU, the USA and Canada. Then they convince their backers in some western parliaments to support these claims by sending letters of concern to the authorities of the host country.

3-     To gather and/or fabricate stories about Iran, Iraq and other countries for the diplomacy section of the organization so that they can use them in press conferences, articles etc. The base of this work is trying to get information over the telephone by pretending to be someone else when they call officials or civil servants.

4-     To gather information from ‘foreign subjects’ including embassies, foreign ministries, interior ministries and immigration departments of the European, American and Canadian countries, private secretaries of some specific members of parliament and some middle eastern countries’ embassies in Europe, the USA and Canada.

These are also mainly carried out by telephone, email, letters and in special cases following people, taking pictures and even stealing documents.

5-     To establish covert contact with fundamentalist groups in every country. To keep contact and data and have these relations ready for a rainy day.

What is of utmost concern to us is the MKO intelligence section’s primary assignment – to eliminate the activities of the disaffected members of the organization. In 2003 when the French police arrested the cult leader Maryam Rajavi in her hide out in the suburbs of Paris, the French security services announced that they had found documents during these arrests which clearly showed plans to physically eliminate the ex members. It is no secret that according to the teachings of the cult, any disaffection from the organization is considered as treason punishable by death. Up to now these executions have only taken place in Iraq under the protection of Saddam Hussein and not in western societies. But the cult has always refused to overrule these teaching after the fall of Saddam.

The HQ of the MKO’s intelligence section, after over two years of having a fairly open hand in western countries has now evolved to its full potential, and now the cult’s trained ‘Fedayeen’ from Iraq are carrying out their operations with the systematic backing of a well established network of intelligence agents throughout Europe, the USA and Canada.

We are deeply concerned about the security of these disaffected members, many of whom have spent years in Iraqi prisons and, unlike most of their colleagues, managed to stay alive and since the fall of Saddam, to reach a free country. Their and their families’ lives and livelihood are in direct and imminent danger. The MKO’s intelligence section has received direct and clear order to increase its operations in the form of physical and psychological pressure on these victims by the above mentioned methods and has clearly stated that in special cases "making accidents happen" directly or through paid third parties should be considered as an option.

The headquarters of this internationally recognized terrorist network is now working freely from Cologne which is coordinating its bases in Britain, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Canada (at least two bases) and the United States (at least two bases). These bases have already started their operations using various means including bogus ‘societies’ and ‘associations’ and other outlets (at least ten such associations have been created recently in London, four in Germany, three in Sweden, fifteen in the USA and many others in other countries which are no more than a cover name. The MKO’s intelligence section in Cologne has also created many unidentified websites which are mainly using servers in the USA, are registered in France and are loaded daily from their London base. The network now has more than five so-called consultancy firms registered in the USA and many others in other countries under various names. The number of cover companies for money laundry activities are unknown.

We are deeply concerned about the advancement of the threat posed by an imported terrorist network from Iraq not only against the ex members and critics of this cult but also the real threat it poses to the way of life in the free world and the danger it poses to the citizens of these countries.

We would urge the authorities of the USA, Britain, Canada and all the major European countries to take this threat seriously and to act to dismantle this network of known terrorists and criminals in their countries. We believe that it is only through the serious intervention of the law enforcement agencies that the self immolations of the kind that we witnessed two years ago in the capitals of some western countries will not escalate to direct suicide bombing and open assassinations. This has happened over and over again in Iraq and Iran and you have witnessed a small scale of it before your eyes in 2003. We believe it is on its way to happening again on a much bigger scale.

For more information you can contact us and we can put you in touch with the Iranians as well as ex members who are under threat in your country.

We would like to again emphasize the scale and the timing of these operations, some of which have already started, and ask you to take the threat seriously for the sake of all the citizens of your country.

We also invite every member of the public who may have any information about this network to either contact us or to give their information directly to the authorities of their country of residence.


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