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I Was Freed From Rajavi’s Claw

I’m a victim freed from Rajavi’s claws; please hurry to help other victims.

In a message to Entekhab News Agency, Aghil Barani, a former member of the MKO who has been freed from this terrorist organization, called for efforts in order to help and rescue other victims still captive of the Rajavis.

He wrote:

“Yesterday, when I was reviewing my calendar, I was taken away from this world by an occasion. You may ask what occasion! Those who know me can guess easily.

I’m Aghil Barani. I had gone to Turkey for a job when I was deceived by agents of Mujahideen-e Khalq and I was taken to Iraq. After years of wasting my life, I could return home.

Yes, you’re right. The occasion on the calendar was December 10th, when Human Rights Charter was approved in the United Nations. I was preoccupied by thinking about the reasons why some people in the world are still deprived of their basic rights, despite this charter!

It’s like a film moving before my eyes: how a group chooses a popular name like Mojahedin for itself and then, after recruiting members and pushing them through strange filters, resorts to various inhumane scientific and non-scientific methods to isolate its members. I was myself a member of this group, and the reality shocks me.

We celebrate Human Rights day while a group of miserable victims are in the captivity of Mojahedin cult headed by the Rajavis.

As a freed former member of this dark and anti-human organization, and regarding the new situation in Iraq, I ask all free peoples to help our compatriots, taken hostage under different covers in Rajavi’s camp. I hope we can reveal the ugly face of Rajavi and his mercenaries in order to help the freedom of human beings.”


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