Fakharzadeh, MKO members left the group after 20 years

Mehdi Fakharzadeh escaped Temporary Transit Location (Camp Liberty) and surrendered himself to Iraqi forces.Fakharzadeh, MKO members left the group after 20 years

After twenty years of membership in the Cult of Rajavi, Mr. Fakharzadeh stated at UN mission office in Iraq that he has defected the group and did not intend to stay in the MKO anymore.

He was handed to Iraqi authorities after he passed legal process in UNAMI and UNHCR. It is worth to mention that MKO leaders usually hold 3 to 4 hours meetings to manipulate members before they go to UN office to fill out asylum seeking forms and then they will let them go there, because they fear their defection.

Mr. Fakhar Zadeh is the second person who has escaped the Cult since last week. The other defector was Mr. Houshang Mirzaqorbani who last week escaped the Cult after two decades.

Translated by Nejat Society


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