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Killing generations of Kurds

Morvarid Operation

Morvarid (pearl) is the name of a chain of mountains in a frontier region in Kermanshah province of Iran and Kurdistan of Iraq, where suppressing operation and massacre of Kurds took place. "Morvarid Operation" is a given name by Rajavi’s cult.

An American journal wrote: "the only and main invasion of NLA during the last six years happened in 1991 right in the aftermath of Gulf War while Saddam Hussein ordered Rajavi to help him with suppressing Kurds’ uprising in the north of Iraq."

To cover their crimes against Kurds, Mujahedin claimed that they repelled the attack of Iranian forces to their bases and called the alleged anti – attack,"Pearl Operation".

The MKO’s leader, chief and members of the council, commandant and the army general staff disappointed of a new war between Iraq and Iran, who observed the return of Iraqi government from Kuwait in the fall of 1990, after a chain of staff meetings, held a public meeting to determine their strategy in which they investigated rotation of the affairs in the region. Since the cult can’t consider any reality except the atmosphere ruling its own situation, it was obvious that they choose the war and then they loose it.

To compensate this loss, Rajavi used his entire mercenary forces to keep and maintain their main sponsor – Saddam Regime – and they set out to rescue the dictator from falling in that period of time. Thus they started their dreadful crimes of which you will see the description as follows:

The procedure of conveying the strategy

Masud and Maryam attended the meeting of Iraq Revolution and Leadership Council in person and were informed of all the details of that important situation. According to Rajavi’s justifications, the Baath regime knew the US would invade them, so they would be obliged to take all their forces to Kuwait boundary , there was an internal danger from the opponents: Kurds in the north and Shiites in the South.

The only force to oppose these oppositions was MKO since it saw its presence in the absence of the others and Saddam charged it with this duty (the Suppression of Kurds)

Conveyance and settlement

In the fall of 1990, Masud and Maryam, brought about division and distribution of the forces as the followings:

1. In the first part they organized and settled about 40 armour plated divisions and mechanized infantry in a region called "Kefri". The district of Kefri, reaches Solaimanieh Province from north and Kirkuk Province from North West and Hamrin Mountains up to qaneqein and Agh Dagh Mountains up to Qasr Shirin, Iran, from East. As a matter of fact, this way of the settlement of the forces had made a separating line between Kurdish areas and central Iraq.

2. The second part included three infantry battalions of the most devoted members of MKO in Saddam’s guards’ disguises who were dispatched to Karbala and Najaf provinces. They were under the order of Saddam’s guards to suppress the Shiites.

3. The third part of the forces included 200 to 300 patrolling teams armed with automatic machine – guns that were under the order of a woman named Sara. She was the commandant of the seventh axis in Nader Afshar base, in 1991. The so – called forces were charged to control and suppress the Shiites around Bagdad. According to one of the commandant, named "Hamid Hadi Beigi, they machine-gunned any gathering day and night.

4. Rajavi used the "ideology" trick to stimulate his forces. In order to justify his deceit he held a meeting with "cross" code where he stated the theory of "killing people". He said:" if a person is negligent to do so, and our system can not keep the Land Lord (Saddam), necessarily the opponents are winners and if so, they will crucify all of us and I am the first one. Now if anyone wants me to be crucified, can hesitate". He penetrated the organizational manufactured feeling of members and put them against the Iraqi people, although they were not willing to do so, at heart.

Allocation of forces

Rajavi owned almost a thousand foreign forces (workers) from Arabic countries especially Sudan. They organized all of them to bring supplies and munitions, and act as the supporting forces. The Iraqi army gave a group of bombardiers to each unit of Rajavi’s cult. And even the army issued a circular for Rajavi according to which they authorized Rajavi to command the entire dispersed forces of Baath army and to try them in case of disobeyance.

Therefore, MKO – Saddam’s Private Army- which claimed the liberating fight to free its own people, opposed the meek people of Iraq. And prevented their victory and caused the frustration of their entire struggle.

The Spark of War:

With the first shooting from the US forces, in that morning, I remember the Mujahedin who started to fight from the first moments. All Rajavi forces were already designed and settled through a line from Khosravi frontier to Syria frontier which was the separating axis between Kurds and the center of Iraq, but in the South and Center of Iraq Rajavi’s forces were under the order of Saddam’s guards and brought about the suppression of the opponents directly. In this stage, several divisions were sent to Qader Karam in the South of Suleimanieh in order to reach Kirkuk and prevent the fall of the city. In the last justifications of Rajavi about the so-called units, Izad Ibrahi praised the intrepidity (cruelty) of Mujahedin in a meeting in April, 1991.

The first confrontation with Iraqi people took place in Kirkuk tee, under the direct order of Maryam. The direct commandant of the fight was the commandant of 26th division of Rajavi’s forces – Ali Naqi Hadadi (Kamal) who was taken on a one way ride because he hesitate to kill the people hard-heartedly. Thus he was discharged in the same location and a woman named Behjat was appointed instead of him.

In this location many of Kurdish Pishmargs and civilians were killed and prevented from advancing toward Tooz, Khormatou and Kirkuk.

The second team was going to Sulaiman Beg and AlAzim then Kefri and Kellar in the North West of Khaneqein in the same direction; they were responsible to occupy the cities and the surrounding areas. The third team contained several divisions which were advancing toward Jlula and Khaneqein in the South West of Qasr Shirin Iran.

Pre War Steps:

To prevent the minds of the members, the cult used the following tricks:

1. To hidden more than a thousand of Iranian POWs while the Red Cross was exchanging the POWs. (The cult of Rajavi, first kept the mentioned people in a base called Sardar, near Kirkut and then took them to Hanif Camp in Nozhvel and used them as slaves to dig rifle-pits and operate other preparation processes, a month before the settlement of the forces.)

2. Through a message, Rajavi told the NLA that this time "Forough 2" is through Kurdistan direction and stated the reasons including cooperation of the whole forces in Kurdistan of Iran. They pretended that some Kurdish province of Iran have stated their solidarity with MKO. Therefore they justified the legitimacy of their campaign toward Kurdistan, Iraq.

3. Rajavi explained leaving of their battalions to Karbala and Najaf as only taking care of the MKO’s cemetery in Karbala.

4. They sent a dozen of professional teams to Kuwait to transit the booties of war. While trafficking one of the officials of MKO named Shaban Esrafilian was wounded.

As I said the war was started in Qader Karam Tee in the North of Tooz while the north of Iraq was completely fallen and the people of Iraq had set out to control the roads and make military departments. The cult captured and disarmed all of them and shot many of them. MKO could control the region and seized the both ways to Baqdad and prevented the Kurds from advancing toward Bagdad. In this situation several groups of Kurds called on the MKO’s commandant to negotiate with them but they were crushed under the tanks and the city of Tooz Khor Matou, the place of negotiation was bombarded. The description of such crimes is shown in the propaganda and films of Morvarid in the proper organization. Rajavi bombarded the meek Kurds hypocritically and said:" we want to enter our country through Kurdistan and you are the obstacle against our victory." In that cold weather, the citizens of Tooz sought refuge in the mountains behind the city, Rajavi and Saddam didn’t have pity on them and used Napalm bombs to kill them. Through this tragedy many children were killed and Rajavi kept his mandate in Iraq.

Besides killing and massacre, Rajavi used other tricks to deceive the members:

1. He sent some of his forces, under the order of Qasam Bour Bour, to Iran, in order to take some boys as hostages. They threatened them to death unless they confess that they are captured near Ashraf Camp and they are the agents of Iranian Regime.

2. They shot some of their own watchmen, since they were about to being captured by the opponents, including Shahriar Shojaati, from Shiraz.

Later they recalled him as a person who committed suicide. In fact he was shot under the order of Efat Javadi who herself acted under the direct order of Maryam who was patrolling above the area in her helicopter and was ordering to kill people.

3. they lay some of their own members as baits in wait for Kurdish opponents to stimulate other members and give them motives to kill more and more ( Zhila Tolou executed this plan)

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