A German delegation discuss HR affairs with Nejat

A German delegation discuss human rights affairs with Nejat Society

Nejat society’s correspondent – Isfahan – a German delegation with 17 lawyers, legal experts, judges and scholars came to the historical city of Isfahan to discuss human rights affairs with their Isfahani counterparts.

After continuous efforts, the representative of Nejat society was able to meet some of them. This brief meeting was held in "Chehelsetoon Garden" on December 16.

In the meeting, Mr. Hashemi who runs Nejat society in Isfahan first talked about why the society was formed and then gave pamphlets to the guests. These pamphlets, translated to English, contained a brief history of the cult of Mojahedin and how they resorted to terrorist operations before and after Revolution, pictures of victims, history of Isfahan, a list of assassinations by MKO in Isfahan province, how the society was formed, the goals of the society, a part of society’s monthly magazine, and also a CD containing the pictures of former MKO members returning home; This CD had English subtitles.

In the meeting, Mr. Hashemi asked the delegation to accept society’s invitation to travel to Iran and become more familiar with the activities and purposes of this non-governmental society.

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