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MKO Dismisses to Admit Errors

MKO leaders are making more mistakes by holding onto cult practices inside

There is always another chance for those who make mistakes, even serious ones, but the fatal MKO leaders are making more mistakes by holding onto cult practices insideone to make is to avoid admitting them. Of the recent expressions which best describes the terrorist MKO is the one stated by Alan Berger, a Boston Globe editorial writer expert on foreign policy and security issues. In his article entitled Iranian exiles and international blunders, he points to his last year’s interview with MKO’s leader, Maryam Rajavi, and the group’s members he talked to and concluded that “People caught up in a blood feud are not inclined to dwell on their past errors”. As a matter of fact, MKO has been pursuing a never-ending and long lasted vendetta against the Islamic Republic regime for many bloods the group’s own past errors themselves have been the main cause to shed. And MKO laid the cornerstone of all errors when it concluded the inevitability and necessity of initiating armed struggle and violent acts in 1981, a rebellion which was supposed to speed up the collapse of the regime just for a change of power rather than for the accomplishment of democratic and civil causes.

But did MKO ever admit the fatal error the leaders made? Never. Just after a year of engaging in a massive terrorist bloodshed and killing hundreds of personalities and innocent civilians, in an analysis of the year-long armed struggle, Rajavi made another mistake by openly admitting that armed struggle was the spirit of the organization without which it failed to survive: “In essence, we owe our existence and survival before anything to the widespread armed combat of the Iranian Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization”.

Despite MKO is removed from the US terror list, today most of parliamentarians and politicians, with whom Maryam Rajavi attempts to show is in alliance with, are aware of the terrorist nature and record of her group. And of course, the group’s leaders never stop emphasizing the strategy of terror and violence whenever grabbing at a chance. The number of casualties and those killed in the course of a pseudo-democratic struggle have never been important for MKO and its leaders since their natures are not familiar with humane passion and mercy. What is important for them is achieving cultic goals with the Rajavis at the lead, human beings are just tools.

Being a devotee of Masoud Rajavi as well as being his wife, Maryam Qajar Azdanlou, was sent from Iraq to France in 1993 as an elected future transitional President to undertake her tactical and organizational mission of filling the gap of a political campaign out of the cult. But in none of her messages delivered to the military branch based in Iraq she ceased to emphasize that “everything at the end is bomb, bullet and gun”. However, her first task there has been to advertise a different side of the mother terrorist group, to demonstrate a pro-democratic alias on struggle that outwardly outweighs disadvantages of engaging in terrorist acts in order to take advantage of the European support. But in fact, she is still the very devoted member faithful to the principles of the mother group.

It is deceit that makes hypocrisy what it is and Maryam Rajavi has proved to be a real prototype. The West and the group’s advocates there are deceived by her democratic manners and maneuvers and, of course, her extravagance. The errors of MKO are beyond any calculation atop of which stand its rampant terrorist deeds and crimes following committing the fatal error of advocating an armed struggle policy to regain a lost struggle. Thus, greatly hailing a philosophy of “ends justify the means”, violence became the opt means to achieve no democratic and human cause but the power. Expelled from Iran as a rebellious group, it vowed as an archenemy of Iranian people and has so far swum against the current. In fact, the serious errors have been its ideological drift and political misconduct that led it afield of a conventional political group and the world came to develop an idea of recognizing it not only a terrorist group but also a highly destructive cult evolving its own mind control techniques and sharing common properties with other dangerous cults. Still MKO leaders dismiss to admit the grave errors that could halt deflection of a group that could continue on a democratic, non-violent path. And still they are making more mistakes by holding onto cultic practices inside but portraying a democratic organization outside.

Rosa Kaviani,

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