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European intellectual views on the Cult of Rajavi_Part4

Massoud Rajavi suffers from narcissism

Dena Peace and Freedom Association interviewed a European intellectual on the Cult of Rajavi(MKO/MEK). Ms. Shemeltz who is an expert and scholar on psychotherapy, has personal and scientific experience about cults.
As the representative of Dena Peace and Freedom Association, Mr. Mohsen Abbasslou talked with the honorable expert, Ms. Shemeltz.

Mr. Abbaslou: Ms. Shemeltz, most of audiences may want to know how you have such a deep insight on the MKO Cult. They surely want to know more about you.

Ms. Shemeltz: I’d prefer to publicize personal identity only to the extent we have agreed on. I am a researcher and I’d like to do my job without tumult and distracting elements, this way I will achieve my research objectives with more energy and tranquility.  

As you know, I have been closely working with cults for years. I even traveled to Africa to live in a cult. That was a precious experience for me. It offered me the opportunity to get to know about cult functions more closely. Mr. Abbaslou, you know the name of that cult and you notice how much it is similar to the MKO. I’d like to compare the Cult of Rajavi with the African cult regarding their structures and functions, in my next investigative project.

All cults in the world follow common rules and they are always headed by a charismatic but actually hypocrite person. Of course each cult has its own characteristics that should be investigated separately.

The issues regarding the MKO should be studied in a large political scope. In my idea, the MKO Cult is not a play ball in hands of others  that everyone can use it for his own interests. The leaders of the Cult know it well but intentionally they pretend that their cult is useful and valuable for that person or government.

They play such a role to make others think that their cult is like a ball that everyone can play with in order to achieve his goals. Actually, the MKO itself is active in politics. It hides itself in political crisis and controversies and uses them to survive and to prolong the life of its organization and thus it runs its own policies.

It is a narrow-minded belief to think that the MKO is a victim of other political movements or states. I don’t think so. They are politically active and seek their own interests.

Mr. Abbaslou: Ms. Shemeltz, Imagine that Mr. Massoud Rajavi is here now. What should we do with this man? Should he be executed? Should he be jailed? How should we deal with him?

Ms. Shemeltz: As I said, if I psychologically study Mr. Rajavi’s past and present life and his behavior, I will be sure that he suffers from a severe mental disease. He is suffering from narcissism. He thinks that he is the best person on the earth. He has no feelings for others…

To be continued

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