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European intellectual views on the Cult of Rajavi_Part5

Rajavi’s childhood should be studied

Mr. Abbaslou: Ms. Shemeltz, imagine that Massoud Rajavi is here with us. What should we do with him? How Rajavi’s childhood should be studiedshould we deal with him?

Ms. Shemeltz: As I said, if I study the past and present life of Mr. Massoud Rajavi, psychologically, I will make sure that he is a sever psycho. He suffers from narcissism.
He thinks he is the best human being on the earth. He has no emotions for others. He is not committed to any basic moral principles. The laws of the society are not regulated for him. He doesn’t care for laws and people at all.

He views himself as superior to others; he is a God. However, at the bottom of his heart he feels no value for his ego and he lacks enough self-confidence. He has the illusion of an important saint person. He has psychological problems.

If you investigate the past life of people like Mr. Rajavi, you may find out that he has been abused or deprived in his childhood. Of course, these are just likely cases. Rajavi is the only one who knows about it.

To get an exact, detailed knowledge on Massoud Rajavi’s personality and psychological characteristics, you should definitely focus on his past. You should view the environment and his family in which he grew up. You should know how his family treated him as a child. You should search about the environment in which he grew up since his birthday until he turned 3-4 years old. This early age is very crucial because it’s the time when basic psychological behavior forms and they get reinforced during the following ages.

For example, in case of Adolf Hitler, it is believed that he grew up in a violent family atmosphere. He was beaten by his parents. His family life was really tense.

On the other hand, to investigate an individual’s childhood you should be very careful because there are people who suffer a deprived childhood but when grown up they do not turn into criminal adults but they become great people. This is originated in people’s flexibility. This is a very complicated issue that should be studied from various aspects so we shouldn’t only look into the childhood. The person has also the will and power to decide.
Getting back to your question, you asked what we would do if Mr. Rajavi was here. In Europe, there are places where criminal psychos are kept. By the way, in my idea Mr. Masoud Rajavi is a criminal. He should be kept under control forever. He should be tried.

Mr. Abbasslou: why should he be tried?! As you said he suffers from a serious psychological problem, it is fair to try a psycho?!

Ms. Shemeltz: Mr. Rajavi has done criminal acts that he should explain about. Yes, in any case, he should be tried.  There are two separate issues. On one hand, Rajavi has been a psychotic and on the other hand he has begun doing criminal acts sinc a time.

Anyway crimes has been carried out, the society should be protected from such people to stop harming others.
If individuals like Mr. Rajavi are left free in the society, they will harm public and the damages can be irreparable. In such a condition, there is no democracy. He is a danger, a great danger.

Mr. Abbaslou: Ms. Shemeltz, as a person who is familiar with functions of the cults, should we feel pity for Mr. Massoud Rajavi?!

Ms. Shemeltz: Personally, I feel pity for such a person. I am so sorry for him.

Mr. Abbaslou: I am shocked by your answer; do you feel pity for a criminal?

To be continued

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